Need a little outside insight on a spiritual tarot reading

  • Hi all,

    I've been studying tarot for a few weeks now and am really enjoying it. However, I find my biggest problem is putting all the cards together for a cohesive reading (any tips on how to do that would be appreciated too). Here's the deal: I'm in the middle of a transition into a career in social work by going back to school to my MSW this fall. However, I was also considering really going full steam for a career in writing before, but am really sick of having to depend on my husband for money. I'm just nervous that I'm making a terrible decision. Also, almost everytime I do a reading these exact same cards show up, I just can't interpret them correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    So I've been doing "career" spreads which basically say this is a great financial decision. And I've been doing more broad spiritual threads to find out if this will make me happy (or at least allow me to be as happy as I am now). Here's what I get in the spiritual readings:

    1-Question- 7 of wands reversed (basically says I'm stuck)

    2-Motive for doing the reading- Knight of Pentacles reversed (either about a person who is getting money slightly dishonestly or about traveling by land and probably getting lost. I'm tempted to go with the first since I tend to coast in my jobs).

    3-Areas you are anxious about- The Wheel (destiny. This is a large part of why I'm spending so much time making this decision. I feel like it's really important in terms of my fate)

    4-What I am Unaware of-Queen of Pentacles reversed (blockage in terms of practical solutions to physical problems)

    5- Course of action- Devil reversed (not taking the easy way out? I'm really confused on this one)

    6- How to proceed in the present- 2 of wands reversed (something preventing me from making a decision. not able to clearly see what I should be investing my energy into)

    7- How to proceed in the future- 2 of cups reversed (being repelled from or missing something or someone)

    8- What will happen if this spiritual path is followed- 5 of wands reversed (lose my individuality, take one look at the competition and decide not even to chance it, no faith in my skills)

    Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

  • newlillith

    I will give you my thoughts, and I hope they help in some way!

    I am working a lot from Nancy Shavick's book on the Tarot, which is a wonderful book.

    Anyway, your career question as to is this the right path - (to go into the social work along with the required education beginning this fall):

    Question - seven wands

    the seven wands sounds to me like an issue of personal determination, the seven wands is all about pushing ahead in your personal journey while keeping the peace with others.

    Motive - Knight of Pentacles

    Knights are always on some kind of mission. Yours sounds like a healthy dose of personal financial freedom along with the personal satisfaction of serving others in a wonderful way.

    Areas you are anxious about - The Wheel of Fortune

    You have concerns... will this work out, will I find success. This wheel says YES to your choices.

    What is hidden (unaware) - Queen Pentacles

    This queen represents happiness and comfort in the world of living things. This tells me you have some real strong untapped strengths and talents that will come forth soon. You will be impressed with yourself!

    Course of action - Devil

    The devil represents negativity as a transformer. Whatever conditions that come about that feel like adversity is ultimately for your best and highest good. The devil says to me to go for it, and "let the devil take the hindmost". So the "course of action" seems to be set your face like a flint to accomplish your dream no matter what anyone says or does.

    How to proceed in the present - Two wands

    Establishing your will. Becoming responsible for your own actions and being less reliant on others. So you are on the right path for sure. Passionate involvement!

    How to proceed in the future - Two Cups

    It sounds like something will come about that will add an emotional sweetness to your wand journey. Two wands... two cups... tells me you will be learning to work with others closely, developing very supportive and mutually satisfying relationships, a very high love principle here. Whatever is happening in the future here will be very nice for you!

    What will happen if this spiritual path is followed - Five wands

    Shavick says "You are prepared to take action on behalf of a cause which you feel is on the side of the good."

    It sounds to me like you are totally in the right path and doing very well! I like your social work direction, and it looks to me like your growth on a personal level will be magnificent as you go!

    GO GO GO! 🙂

  • @Astra-Thanks so much for the help! This really eases my anxiety. The Nancy Shavick book sounds great; I'll have to pick that up. Do you do the reverse readings of cards in your readings? The reverse reading always tends to be so negative, but your reading is so positive! It's also spot on. I have some work to do to get to where you are. Thanks so much!

  • I have tried to work with the reverse readings. I got too bogged down with a lot of negative interpretations, and abandoned the reverse reads for now. I know the reversals are significant - there is nothing without significance (1 Cor 14:10). In this book by Nancy Shavick she does not use reverse meanings. Some do, some don't. Some say a reverse means the energies for that are building (like in the future maybe). I am sure the angels all have that figured out!

    You are so welcome for the reading, it was fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sounds like you're laying a lot of spreads down to see what the results are. That has never worked for me. My experience is the cards will tell you but let them tell you.

  • Hi Dali, I have been doing a lot of spreads on this issue, but I also keep getting these cards. I am trying to listen but don't have all the practice and proper tools yet unfortunately. How would you recommend me "listening" better?

  • What seems to work for me is to do one spread, try to interpret as best I can. When I put too much of me into it, it doesn't work. I read something on here awhile back re synchronicity. I can relate to that. I think it's good that you draw your own cards. I've noticed when I draw cards for people I know, it helps alot. It's hard knowing what the cards are trying to tell you in re to someone esp. if you don't have any info. It's seems hard for me to do my own readings. It helps to have a second eye as some people are really good at picking up the story the cards are telling. I like picking my own cards regarding my personal readings. Most people I know personally just want it for novelty purposes anyway or don't want the involvement. I think it's fun and sometimes can be a pretty good indicator. I guess that's the mystery, wait and see.

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