PisceanHealer!!! May I have a Reading for my daughter and I???

  • PisceanHealer,

    Would you mind doing a reading for me? and please if you don't mind teach me what your sign is all about as that is the sign my daughter was born under and we have been estranged since she was 5 years old. Any Insights from you would be much appreciated. My DOB 01-16-1959. Her DOB is 03-20-1982.

    Love and Light,


  • Hello ME,

    Thank you for your patience, here's your reading:

    The past. Squirrel (contrary):

    You worry too much. You have and continue to expect the worse. So much so that you have been stuck in a rut (and still are to a degree). You may be waiting for something to happen, something to change the "status quo" between you and your daughter. You may even be waiting for her to make a move. But it's not going to happen. The ball is in your court so to speak.

    The present. Porcupine (contrary):

    A lot of innocence has been lost here. Even though this card is in the present position, this loss of innocence stems from a long time ago. Not long after your daughter was born I believe. I don't feel you were prepared to be a mother; the weight of responsibility took it's toll on you and you lost your innocence. You forgot what it was like to be playful and carefree because you felt you weren't allowed - or given the chance - to be playful and carefree.

    As a result, you came to resent your daughter. I feel a lot of jealousy in the relationship. This in turn took away her innocence. You never really bonded with your daughter did you? First thing to accept is that what you went through was perfectly normal. It happens to many mothers. Release the guilt you have hoarded inside of yourself. Also realise that you have been given an opportunity to heal these wounds and heal your relationship with your daughter.

    The future. Skunk:

    You will learn to respect yourself once again. You will restore your self-image and your reputation. You'll come to believe more in yourself as you learn to accept your past. With regards to your daughter you'll be able to assert yourself in a kind and humble manner (i.e. no ego) in order to heal the relationship.

    The life lessons currently moving through your life. Lizard (contrary):

    There is a lot of inner conflict going on in your life. This situation is quickly becoming a nightmare for you. In fact, you may be prone to escaping the reality of it all by dreaming or pretending that someday something will happen to change it all (remember the lesson of Squirrel here). You want to do something, but you're not sure what. You're also scared that it'll only make things worse. And of course that it's going to hurt like hell! (This is not true by the way...)

    The challenge you have conquered. Mountain Lion:

    You have learnt to take charge of your life. Brought it back under your control. In essence, you have learned to take the lead in your own life and have taken several, distinct steps in making your life what you want it to be. This is a very positive card. You've achieved something very significant. Take time to reflect on this. Allow yourself to feel some pride in your achievements. Pat yourself on the back. What you have learned will serve you for the rest of your life, but it will pay off in your relationship with your daughter as slowly, over time, she comes to see you as something of a role model.

    What's working for you. Antelope:

    The time for action is now. Stop being fearful, stop expecting the worse and reach out to your daughter. Do it.

    What's working against you. Crow:

    Crow is the guardian of Sacred Law. For him to show up in your spread in this position tells me that karma is involved here. You have to heal your relationship with your daughter. You will have no choice. This is going to be a bitter pill for you to swallow, but you did a great injustice to your daughter when she was but a child. Now you have to make amends for it. In many ways the message is "you'll get what you deserve", but this isn't something for you to fear. The worst of it is actually all in your mind.

    You can do this ME. You have Mountain Lion on your side. I also drew Fox and Badger for you. Fox is the family protector. With her by your side you can be sure that you will do the right thing. Badger's medicine is all about aggression - the positive use of aggression. This is not about getting angry, getting "righteous". This is about persistence. It's about being willing to go the distance no matter the emotional costs to you.

    Regarding your daughter's Sun sign. I don't feel this is relevant. You are looking for explanations/justifications for your daughter's behaviour. But at the age of 5, these would hardly have come into play. It's at this point in time you need to search for answers. Ask yourself: What were you going through in 1987 that led to you being estranged from your daughter?

    Much love & light to you ME,


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  • PisceanHealer,

    I am sitting here in awe and stunned as I read your reply. I am so stuck in fear it brought me to losing my home, career without money and any zest for life. My early ambition has turned into isolation, unable to decide to move forward I strictly exist I call it "like a candle in the wind" ~ it is beyond pathetic and feels like a very slow lonely death.

    I do not recognize myself anymore yet know I am the only one who can do anything about it but I can barely put a thought together. The smart, witty and determined woman is gone, I feel empty.

    Thank you so very much for your reading. You have stirred emotions ..... and I am not sure where to start to even start "something". It is hard baring the pain I caused her. She has turned into a beautiful woman that I really know not much about, missed so many years, so many moments. She is a Star Seed and my karma debts came to 52% ~ go figure. Not sure how I feel right now as my life is just unraveling moment by moments.

    Thank you,


  • Hello PisceanHealer

    I would like to know if you could do a reading for me. I'm in turmoil right now. My D.O.B. IS 25/3/1954. His D.O.B. is 02/09/1963 ( Virgo) . i DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

  • PisceanHealer,

    Thank you for your wonderful reading.... I did more research pertaining to the Totem Animals and gathered some more info on it.

    I have a question if you would be so kind to please? I understand we all have 9 totem Animals throughout our life ~ are the ones you listed in my reading mine and can I turn the contrary back right side up/over?



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