S.O.U.L Circle July 24th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • I think a lot of people are trying to fit in vacations and etc as it gets closer to school starting here. My daughter starts schools next week so I know things get hectic at times on my end. Working on a pattern that works well with everything going on. trying to illuminate light in all parts of daily life too.

    Love and light,


  • Hi all,

    Not sure who all was there today. I was partially asleep during it but I distinctly remember a star of white light radiating light outwards. Been kind of tired the last week with all the running to prep for the first day of school, but wanted to share with you. My neck and back have been flaring up some towards the end of the week but I'm sure it will improve at some point.

    Love and light,


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  • HI soul circle, I was in and out too, same story 4pm on a Sunday is not for me, but I was half there and felt a lot of warmth and peace.

    Oh and Seehorse no hard feelings okay, Ijust have trouble coping wih others having a laugh on the back of other people's miseries.

    Hugs to all,


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  • I was on vacation and could not attend (getting ready to check out of a hotel at the time) but I am looking forward to being a part of it this sunday comming up. Hope all is well with everyone.

    I picked up a bunch of new crystals while away and can not wait to work with them.


  • Hi Guys,

    Gonna try to find last post on Soul. I was not able to attend last week. I should be there this week. Been trying to readjustment to school year schedule for my little one. Right now I'm going through a period of restless sleep or sleep a few hours, then awake a few.


    I have been meaning to tell you think you for all your help with my chakras a few months back. I am finding out over time, it helps pretty well with ascension symptoms and seems to help my health overall since I've been working on them a lot more frequently. I really cant thank you enough.

    Love and light,


  • I sent you information yesterday about the sleep patterns, I think I did thats going to be the new sleep pattern going forward, sleep 3 hours, wake for 2 then sleep again, they say to guard your thougths during the wakeful 2 hours because thoughts will manifest instantly, Of course I thought, hmmm I could use that for something good. Do not say or think I will be tired the next morning because you will, don't speak it. I guess they mean We will speak or think things into existence, remember your thoughts are powerful!


    The 5th Night of the 9th Wave occurs from August 18th to September the 4th. The midpoint of this cycle will be August 26th and 27th. The 5th Night is the darkest period of each cycle and is described as a time of destruction. This is a very difficult energy and can be a point of crisis. Thankfully it is relatively short compared to the previous 5th Nights of the other cycles.

    I miss and love all, think everyone's in their Co-coons.

  • Hey i was at the beach all this time lol but i'm back for the weekend and going to be there for tomorrow's Circle, hope to see some of you good people there too !

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