S.O.U.L Circle July 24th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Yo good peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeee 5 mins to go let's Light Up da Univeeeeeeeerse !!!!

  • ?!?....Is there anyone out there ? Anyway. For me, it was a slightly different experience this time. There was the usual tingling at hands, between shoulder blades, this time behind the ears and forehead, hadn't felt this the last 2 meetings. Saw colors starting with green, yellow, blue, orange, red and purple, saw boats with triangular shapes and a big ship in the sky, have to google to find an image that resembles what i saw. No pulse this time, just a sense like you're at sea and little waves gently rock you. There was a strange feeling like when you are waiting for something to happen and you just don't know what. Didn't sense many people this time....hey don't tell me i played with myself today rotflmao

  • Hmmm...that's interesting. Wheni finished the above post i looked at the time. 5:55. Googled and found :

    "When you begin seeing the reapeating number of 555 it carries with it the energy of change. I know you may interpret change as a bad thing, but change is neither good or bad, it is just change. You are vibrationally capble of sensing and feeling and noticing the change. Your angels offer this number to you as a vehicle to recognize important signs in your life.

    It is an addtional piece of assistance to help in your communications with your guides and angels. Just by being aware of the repeating number 555, you are embracing change. Please know that your guides and angels are there for you, helping you. The more aware you are of your angels, the greater amount of communication they can have with you."

  • Seehorse,

    You weren't entirely alone as I was there but only partially. I decided to sleep in but woke up at 10:00 on the dot and decided it was a sign to join. So of course I had to do it right there while still in bed and it was intersting. My connection to the earth which usually takes a bit of concentration was instantaneous. I then just let go to be and see. DID not get much and yet it felt powerful. I do remember getting a name: "Stephan"

    Well it was definitely a mistake doing it while in bed as now my back hurts and I am going to puts some ice on it.


  • Stephan. From the Greek word "Stephanos", meaning "wreath, crown, honour, reward", literally "that which surrounds or encompasses". In ancient Greece a wreath was given to the winner of a contest, the equivalent of the modern medals given to Olympic winners.

    Interesting experience today. Hope your back heals quickly IBeleive, Love and Light to you !

  • Let the wreath awaiting at the end of this Circle

    Be Knowledge and Wisdom.

    As above, so below

    Everything flows

    The wave of change.

  • 🙂

  • Namaste,

    Another Sunday i have missed, "due to brain not slowing down enough to even concentrate for 30 seconds, may all of this be in the past starting today".

    love and light



    see ya next Sunday:) looking forward to starting over:)

  • Ibeleive, hope your back is feeling better:)

    Pedro, what a beautiful picture!


  • Seehorse,

    I was in and out this time. I woke up tired and kind of dreading all the responsibilities today held. I thought to myself its your attitude that needs changing. Laid back down and cleansed for the cicircle and came out with a refreshed attitude towards what the day holds. It's amazing how just a simple change in how you view things helps so much. I was worried my grandma would be depressed today but just sitting with her watching tv and talking to her seems to bring her joy. She can't talk and write but I try to give her companionship and love.

    My Journey I hope your back starts feeling better.

    Love and light,


  • My back is much better, thanks guys!

    Seehorse, intersting thouhghts about "Stephan"

    MJ, hope you get the thoughts together. I will be gone from the next two as I am going on vacation and which does not include a computer.

    GS, what a difference a change in attitude makes. We so many times block ourselves by limited thinking. Blessings to you and your grandmother.

  • Hi all,

    I was not able to participate last weekend. Today I feel like a surfer riding the waves. Excitement and anticipation as I wait for the next big wave. No destination known in site but ready to see where the wave takes me. Life is what we make of it. Joy and happiness a decision...a choice. Felt the urge to clean house and organize lately as to do the same as I have with the spiritual. What is within is without...like my inner should reflect on my outer if that makes sense. Feel like what I am learning about light, love, joy and happiness is indeed transformation and liberating. Is anyone else feel like they are riding waves of change?

    Love and light,


  • Waves ? Feels more like a tsunami.... and yes joy and hapiness is a decision indeed ! (this forum needs smileys!)

  • It is definitely life changing...but is beautiful. I feel like for the first time I am riding with the changes. It helps them not be so overwhelming. I feel more in tune with my truest nature than I have in a long time. With it comes peace.

    Love and light,


  • 🙂

  • Hey SH,

    I love that pic , now whats happening with the soul meditation ? please dont tell me its gone zombapocolypse as well .

    Whats this world coming to !!!

  • As long as there are people who carry the Light in their Hearts Loap, the Circle of Light will be alive and kickin' ! Who knows, one day it may evolve into a Society of Light. A Society of Universal Light as IBelieve said. Wouldn't that be wonderful ? 🙂

  • 🙂 beautiful, sorry i didnt make it, i was out with friends, and been kind of low on health, and busy too. lately. always thinking of you lot though,even if im not taking part, I noticed not many people this time, and no new thread, guess everyone else was kind of tied up too. 🙂

    Hope we can get back to doing this more. its very cool thing to do.

    Love and Light Bee/LP

  • Well, it's summertime and it's damn hard to concentrate LP but hey, we got all Fall and Winter for that ! Till then enjoy Summer, enjoy Life, enjoy Light, it's everywhere you know !

  • yeah- Thanks seehorse. 🙂 Hope you enjoying the summer too.

    Love Bee/LP 🙂 Xx

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