Could i have a reading please

  • I have been in a relationship for more than two years, I want to know if we have a future together,

    my birthday 9/2/66 name bertha, his birthday 9/15/68 his name Miaad, please.

  • Bertha, this relationship is more of a teacher-student type match than a good love match. It often comes out of nowhere, taking friends and family by surprise. Yet besides being unusual, it is highly symbiotic. Your partner may often take the lead in directing your physical energy. He may also be cast in the role of parent, boss, teacher or manager, while you become the child, employee, student or performer. He is often the more mature or experienced of the two of you, and quite likely has already played the performing role in an earlier setting. You can fairly easily accept his advice and guidance because he is powerfully perceptive and analytic and will encourage your native ability. Quite often, you will go on to take on the managerial role yourself later in life.

    This bond is strongest in the classroom, on the sports field or on the hard road of life, and is often a solid bond based on trust and mutual understanding. Yet it is not an easy pairing, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Both of you can be extremely rough and uncompromsing with each other. In reprimanding a missed signal or other error, you two are unlikely to hold back, teaching a lesson that the other partner will remember for a long time. Work relationships do well here but as lovers, friends and spouses, you are usually a less successful combination in the emotional and sensual realms. You do better when you team up on social, financial or educational projects.

    When something stops being fun, it's time to quit.

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