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  • The more I go through this forum I find people hurt,confused,seeking answers,blaming themselves...feeling abt the stuff that cud have been...but why do things happen???why do we make the wrong choices?why do we get hurt?...The scariest & most obvious answer is out there...your fate was decided at the time you were born...while you curse the circumstances that have led you to heartbreak,fallout with a parent,the time when your parents is nothing but the path meant for you to take...its the exact place,time that decides the position of your ascendant,sun or moon & makes the person you guys it isnt just by birthdate that you are a sagi or a cappy,in fact its the least imp thing trust me...astrology goes way tell me ur view bt it...

  • I totally agree with you mystikleo, I believe our lives are mapped out for us before we incarnate into this life, although I believe we have freewill and when we come to crossroads in our life, we have the choice what path to take and it is usually the pull we feel which is the strongest, that is our true path to take, which is the one we have set out to take before birth. Also I think what is important here is how we respond and deal with these significant life events, as they helps us to learn and grow as the spiritual beings we truly are.

    I am a sun Leo, moon Leo, and my Venus is Leo, but my mercury is in in Virgo, therefore i agree that i come across as quiet and shy sometimes and others who don't know so much don't understand this as my sun in Leo suggests that i should be outgoing! with a lot of Leo in my chart i suppose this is why i have a big heart, get hurt easily and work in counselling... I love to help others.

    What are your placements mystikleo, obv sun Leo like myself?

  • Hey is this another Leo forum? I am sun Leo too, lol I call the stars in the sky 'God's computer' its how God makes everything happen as an when its supposed to. What astrology has taught me is to be more tolerant about other people, they can't help being the way they are, they are just the way they were made. I haven't had an easy life, but I have looked at a lot of charts and thought, "thank goodness I wasn't THAT person!".

    I know there are a lot of people in the world that don't like themselves. There are some things about me I am not proud of, but they are a part of me. I feel lucky that I get to be me, I live with me everyday and I like me lol

  • Hi I am ascendant leo jup leo,mars leo,ascending node leo...yup a lot of leo in my chart too!!!! I hace been studying astrology for a while now &have stumbled across facts which I would like to share with you all...did you know that the personality of a person is based on the ascendant &the sun sign....the ascendant is the first house of the horoscope .It decides who your traits,personality.Planets here will influence your life in a big way during their periods & subperiods...It is what people c in you..What is your ascendant LeoLou &Rukarji?The sun sign is what we are inside.It also represents our father.....So the relationship between us &our father can be seen in charts...did u know that?

  • Hi, Well my ascendant is definitely at odds with the fun loving Leo that I am inside! When people meet me they find me quiet, sensible, responsible and serious, I have a Capricorn ascendant. Of course inside I love to play games, love to laugh and have an almost desperate need for my efforts to be acknowledged and appreciated. I have been studying astrology for about 25 years now, on and off, and find it fascinating. I also read tarot (over 40 years) and runes but astrology is different from the intuitive forms of divination as I find it is more a science. You really don't need very much intuition for it. A persons life is mapped out in the stars for all to see.

    By the way I love research, I was blessed with this wonderful talent.

    Mercury in Leo (cusp Virgo) conjunct Pluto in Virgo, trine Mars in Taurus and sextile Neptune in Scorpio.

    The above shows how I instinctively know where and how to dig for information, I just seem to cut straight to the core of the matter.

    Do you discovered talents and abilities that can be as clearly seen by the planets in your birth chart?

  • yes talents can be easily seen by the position of planets so also the karmic path u r to fulfill in this life...the fascinating nodes of the moon............tell me Rukargi have you any insight bt the 7th house of the horoscope

  • What can I say about the 7th house?

    Uranus in 7th can cause unusual conditions in relationships and marriage. A lot of people with it there either don't marry, divorce and never want to marry again or marry someone that is a free spirit like themselves and they have a great friendship but spend a lot of time apart.

    Often difficult planets there show unconventional things one is looking for in a long term partner. Like I have seen a badly aspected Mars in the 7th of a guy who is attracted to competitive women who are often hot tempered.

    Saturn there can prevent marriage, maybe the person just isn't interested in marriage. However, sometimes it can show that the person may be attracted to someone who is very responsible, serious, dull and boring, but also sensible, hard working and can be relied on.

    Although Jupiter there is often seen as a good thing. It will depend on the sign it is in and its aspects, because sometimes a 7th house Jupiter can mean that the person is attracted to excitable individuals who love to have fun, are irresponsible, overly optimistic and as a result never achieve anything, yet can be exciting to be around!

    Two planets in 7th can sometimes be odd. Like the sun and Uranus. The sun suggest marriage is strongly desired and an attraction to loyal, assertive individuals. Whereas Uranus suggests an aversion to marriage, and an attraction to independent partners that will live their own lives. Sometimes, the result is a long term relationships with each type. But I have seen someone that loved the idea of an assertive man who would be the king of her castle, but at the same time was adverse to long term relationships and overly assertive men! Result - marriage to a non assertive man who was away a great deal, when he lost his job and was home a lot, she divorced him and now has no desire to re-marry, but still likes the fantasy of assertive men. Nice lady, but very independent.

    The 7th can also show the area of an enemy, that which opposes us (1st house), our competition. In a sense the lady above with sun and uranus in the 7th could be her own worst enemy, her independence often makes her an outsider, people see her as a little peculiar as she isn't interested in getting into a relationship.

    . .

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