Hi Shuabby: Relationship/Compatibility Analysis for my sister

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Would like to ask for a compatibility analysis for my sister and her friend, M. Their dates of birth are 27 Sept 1974 (sis) and 13 Sept 1974 (M).

    She has also been in a long distance relationship with DC (21 Dec 1963), who's working overseas. He seems like a very kind and gentle person but they have encountered numerous obstacles in being together. Is there a future for them?

    Lastly, my sister has a friend whom she had a falling out with. The friend, D, is learning pranic healing and she claims that my sis has negative energy which has affected her (D). Is there any truth to this?

  • Dear Danceur,

    We all have negative energy along with positive and have to learn a balance. Negative energy that is in need of healing is one in which the person has an addiction, panic attacks, can not see much positive in anything in their lives.

    Your sister and friend M compatibility is good, they will share much in common and can take the relationship in any direction they want it to flow in.

    Her relationship with DC is one brought forward from her last life when they were husband and wife. This time around if they want to be together again for a marriage union the odds will be hard to beat that they will be in the same place and time to do so.


  • Thanks for your reply Shuabby.

    My sis would like to find out more about the situation with D, the friend she fell out with (19 June 1975).

    Sis felt it was a toxic friendship and she felt it best to move away from D. Has she done the right thing? What is going on with D?

    As for M, how does he feel about my sister? What does he like about her?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Shuabby - bump.

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