Gemini Man in a bad place..?

  • First of all im an aries lady of 22. I have known my gemini friend for nearly 5 years now. When we first met it was love at first sight. Always in contact always wanted to see one another. Things progressed and we eventually moved out and got our own place together.

    Things started going down hill 1 year into the relationship when we started just petty arguing with one another. He seemed to he couldnt handle it and took off every time things go bad for him - he would stay away for a night and be drinking himself silly. He smokes alot of weed always has done.

    After this we split for 14 mnths cos he got himself involved with a nasty manipulative women (she has her own 4 kids single mother though). this lady is also an aquarious and with experience i have noticed these people under this sign are particulally selfish and pretty self centred.

    This lady is 10 yrs older than my ex he used to help her look after her children but never got any thanks for it. After time passed he met my dad at a pub and started questioning about me, he was hurting as my dad could see he was when they were both talking about me.

    He asked my dad for his mobile phone and my ex dissapeared with it outside the pub and i recieved a call out the blue.

    He told me he wanted me back that he missed me and what a mess he was in. He told me he was going to be a father now as this women he was with announced she was pregnant after he moved out from her place. He was asking me what shall he do? - to me he seemed lost and alone and felt trapped.

    At this point i had been living in kent 400 miles away from him and i was moving on with my life trying to forget him but as he was my first love it was hard. Shortly after the call he made to me he broke it off with this women completely and wanted me back, he got intouch with me again and told me he didnt realise what was missing in his life now he does and it was me. He told me he loved me with all his heart and that he just worried that i didnt wanna be with him. i reassured him and said ile be there for u but u have to be strong.

    I moved back to scotland to be with him, it was fine for 2 weeks then the women he has a child to started texting him using her other kid to get at him. i was angry. His baby isnt even born and shes trying to get him back.

    Again we argued, he weakened and started his drinking again, putting it before everything else. I told him that me and him were finished and it was goodbye forever as i didnt want him in my life causing me so much hurt, im worth more than that. I was angry and hurt and frustrated with his attitude towards everything in his life and i said it out of haste. I do regret it. I havnt seen him since.

    i told him i was sorry and that i will miss him but best of luck for him in the future.

    After that he told me he wanted to be friends but as far as relationships he was done with. i was happy with that - but we are not friends he doesnt even acknowledge im alive. No texts or calls from him just nothin.

    Ive spoken to a few mutual friends and they have said they are annoyed with him and just dont know what to say about it all. He doesnt talk about anything thats important (like his baby boy thats on the way) he just blocks all of it out and drinks when he can.

    Ive sent him a letter of my concerns and my love but nothing back - doubt he has even read it.

    Will he wake up? and come back to me? Does he want me in his life even after telling me to move on with my own and he is gettin on ok on his own..? - he would never of told me this if i hadnt asked him if we were getting back together. Intially he needed time and space to concentrate on his kid when it comes but he hasnt done so far and never wanted to talk about the baby when we were together.

    Its very worrying, i just wish he would talk to someone....Are these typical traits of a gemini man in a dark place??

  • What are your birthdates?

  • Mines the 15th april His is 26 may

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