ANY LUCK? btwn a capricorn & a capricorn?

  • HELLPPPP! 🙂 seriously.. so theres this man.. I knew him for 2 months now. and at first

    we was doing really fine.. He seem like he was really into me and all that.. he memorized my

    and he told me everything about himself. about his family & his private life that he would'nt

    tell anybody about...But the thing is that.. he only called me once. which is on the first

    night that we was talking. . but now, he doesn't call me anymore. I'm always the one calling him.. so i asked him if he was annoyed by me calling him all the time!! ? and he was like "NO GIRL!! You can call me all the time ! anytime! i'm always bored! " so i always call him from now on.. but when I tell him to call me.. he said that he wants to call me.. but whenever he is about to, he can't do it. he just can't.. is something wrong? I just saw him at the club a couple of days ago. we talked (= but not much cause it was too loud. then after that i call him but he wasnt home.. so then i went online to talk to his cuzzin and i left a note for his cuzzin saying for him to call me. but idk if his cousin told him yet or not. but im still waiting. any luck btwn a capricorn and a capricorn? HELPP.

  • Hate to say it but it sounds like he's just not that into you. I'm a cap and dated a cap for about 8 years. We broke up for a few years but are now reconciling. Anyway, caps are very persistent and when they want something or someone they go for it!! Granted we are often misunderstood and we do put up walls until we feel safe, however we are generally not distant to this degree when we are truly interested in someone. My cap pursued me relentlessly for months until he finally wore me down and while I was cautious, I was open to his affection and let him know in subtle ways I cared.

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