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  • Ive been experiencing alot of spritual energy lately yesterday i seen a black shadow walk into my sons room and when i went to check there was no one there ,and there is no way it could have got past me ,it never frightened me and my kids were playing outside so their was no one in the house with me at the time .

    Also upon awakening i see a mist hovering over me virtually every morning and as soon as i start to get up and move towards it it dissapears ,and i know its not my eyesight playing tricks on me . I was wondering if anyone could tell me who it is that is trying to make contact with me from the spirit world ? I would be ever so grateful for anybodys insight .

    Many Thanks in advance love and Light Loap:)

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  • Suprise suprise no takers thought so, maybe i should have started a realtionship thread, they seem to always get a response .

  • Maybe you could try asking for an answer to present itself to you through dreams. I've heard that meditating on something that you seek an answer to before you fall asleep can open the door. Good luck with this 🙂

  • HI Violeta 74 ,

    Thankyou so much for responding i will give it a try .

    Many Blessings Love and Light LOap:)

  • You're welcome 🙂

    Also, on the night that you try this, it might be a good idea not to have any alcoholic beverages. Some say that alcohol tends to clog up the psychic channels, so in order for information to flow smoothly to you without any road blocks, it's good to maintain a clean and healthy diet. I just mention this randomly in case it helps.

    Many blessings to you as well


  • Thanks Violeta ,

    I dont drink much anyway so it wont be a problem , i just want to say its very nice to meet you , and ask you what spriitual stuff are you into ? Im into Tarot .,, ivebeen learing it for the last 7 years i also do healing using colour energy and .,I also love anything paranormal thats why i want to find out for sure who it is that comes to me and watches me in my sleep .

    Thankyou so much for replying it really means alot i,m totally over these forums lately its seems all anbody is interested in love and relationships .

    hope to chat with you more

    Love and light Loap:)

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  • Hey sissy, i sent you a call on this i hope it helps

    love and light


  • Living prayer--the visiter are two seperate spirits--the first is someone recently crossed over that knew you and you knew them but you do not know they died. You shared a closeness--a loving moment--perhaps you touched that soul and never knew it. Because only love crosses over often the spirit reviews all loving moments and you were in one. You will get the news in the future and know it was them. The mist or secound presence in the morning is a prayer related guardian angel--some one or more than one person has been praying for you and it has manifested. BLESSINGS! PS--Expect a feather.

  • Loap, I wish I had the insight to help, but it seems your sisters are arriving 🙂

    I juts saw this posting...am glad you have no fear. May your angels continue watching over you through God's love,

    May love and blessings continue upon you ...all that is good and pure and lovely be yours even as you seek it.


    post note: Yesterday I heard symphonic music audible to my ear...but I knew I had the radio off while driving...it was faint...but there in my mind.....and today imagined a young female voice speaking words...but I couldnt understand....I am wanting to open up spiritual energy channels but being ever so careful.

  • Thanks Shee and MGG, for the bumps i really appreaciate it ,got you mail Shee i was blown away by it as that is exactly what i am experiencing .

    Many blessings love and light Loap:)

  • Hi Blmoon ,

    Thankyou for your response I just found out a couple of weeks ago that my cousin passed away in December and i never knew as no one in the family told us , do you think this could be him trying to make contact ?

    Many Blessings love and light LOap:)

  • Hi PATCH,

    How are you i hope all is well ? It sounds like someone is trying to make contact with you , ive heard that angels can communicate in this way .Ive often heard that when spirits are trying to communicate with us they come through sounding like an radio station thats not tuned in properly , sounds like you need to tune yourself in as spirit is opening up to you .

    Many Blessings Love and Light LOap:)

  • Do you think it is him? Spirit only said you would make the connection. I'm assuming this is where you are at right now--wanting to make more concrete connections of knowing with spirits. The fact the spirit stayed on your mind is a good indication it was personal--some one you know. Otherwise, we have spirits traveling all around us everyday and they pass without much thought. The spirit will leave a hello--as in a feather or even some other signifigant item. Or a dream will answer your question. I am a medium and can connect with spirits if they choose but this one is for you. Spirit visitation that comes with a big loving hello or hug of reasurance often manifests in smells or sounds or vivid memories all at once. Specially the scent of roses. There is no one method. People expierience similiar signs but each psychic and medium has their own unique method. I think most people brush off little signs or gut feelings in expectation of something bigger but really connecting with Spirit is very subtle unless it's a warning. Say you are about to drive into an intersection and a loud voice shouts STOP and a speeding car zooms by. Another sure sign of spirit truth--a message through another as guides often speak through strangers--is goose bumps----if someone is talking to you and you get a rush of goose bumps it is Spirit. My spiritual advisor used to call them the goosebumps of truth---and Spirit is saying "really listen here". Also not everyone hears voices or sounds outside themselves--it is internal though it feels as if everyone can hear it for some. I remember a very gifted psychic on here who lamented she only heard spirit speaking but wanted to be more visual--even though she was very good at hearing. I hear but am more visual and Spirit shows me images and dominate words in big signs. You just honor your gift as it comes and mostly it is unique as you are so for those of you trying to compare yourself or validate your methods just trust your gut feelings. Self doubt interfears with the message. I often get images that seem too odd to say so am tempted to let my logic brain interfear only to find out the odd image did indeed mean something to that person. Trusting youself is essential for Spirit communication. BLESSINGS!

  • I agree that it was someone you knew. I saw my sister leave her body and it was a mist that I saw too. I believe I was meant to see it happen. You may not see the mist anymore now that they know you saw them and you weren't frighten.

  • LOAP, hello 🙂 Since we were talking about spiritual energy and messages from our guides and Spirit, I wanted to ask if it is ok if I post a question of my own here? It's your thread so I thought maybe I should 🙂 It's just that I am very new to all this compared to all of you and was feeling a little timid to ask in the open forum. I hope I am not hijacking your thread. Love and blessings to you 🙂

  • I meant maybe I should 'ask before posting' 🙂

  • No one owns a thread in an open forum--usually if someone prefers a one on one they express that up front---do not be timmid--this is a spiritual site and all about following your intuition---most of us love to hear what's on your mind--that's what keeps it rolling and interesting. It's very casual and open--people may answer or may not--the only rule is try and keep it kind and free of judgement--but be aware people are going to say what they think if you ask so be prepared to keep what helps and ignore what doesn't. Administration does post rules but they mostly cover things like--play nice--no advertising--no sharing e-mail addresses--that sort of thing. BLESSINGS!

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