Spiritual energy

  • https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=109793112911928981800&target=ALBUM&id=5635543093624666577&authkey=Gv1sRgCNeb0qm3r_DEIg&feat=email

    I created an account on Piccasa, the albumn is What do you see?

    Hopefully you can see it.

    Peace and Love to all, may insight continue pouring in to this wonderful medium. Thank you again.

  • Mags,

    Thank you for your love and insight.


  • Hey Patch,

    ive copied your images here so we all can look at them

  • Hey Patch ,

    Sorry forgot to say thankyou for your kind words , are these pictures that you have taken ? the one with the purple square looks to me like its a skeleton pirate with a hat and eye patch. The one with the child are they holding a hose in the air? Wow that white light looks eerie , it looks like there are many energies floating in the light around the child, i feel i want to say this child is a girl but im getting a male energy is this right ? Is the top one a tree? Im sorry i cant make anything out except for mist , there is something there but i cant put my finger on it . Im sorry the one with the stars im not picking anything up to me it looks like planet earth , its very misty at the top but im still not sure , There is a site called resize images online ive tried copying the link for you but its not working.

    I hope all is well

    Love and light Mags xx

  • Thank you Mags for posting. Even I have to look closely again to pick up the images.

    Yes, I did take these.

    First image at the top-In the bottom half on the right side I see a young man in maybe his 20's looking up to the left. This is a door on what is left at an abandoned home site...the foundation and a piece of the building with this door is all that left.

    The young girl is spraying water- her face is completely changed- it doesnt even look like her- I see what looks like a pair of legs above her head extending up into a torso of what I think is a male spirit watching over her.

    Now that you say it...the horizontal white light in the purple does look like the brim of a pirate hat- His ear is below the right end of it of the horizontal line. I see dark haired man with a mustache where the big blot is on his face.

    Just to the immediate left of the top point of the large star I see a little girl about 5 or 6 yrs old looking up to the right.

    I emailed the little girl to a friend without telling her what I saw, and she saw her too- so Im not completely nuts...lol

    Thank you Mags, beautiful living soul.

    May all have a great day!

    Love and blessings be yours,


  • Okay!! Who's next???lol...Please do not let my comments be the last on this thread!!!!


    More on spiritual energy, please. .....


  • Hi Chris,

    My energy has been feeling a bit low today ,its like im stuck i slow motion i just want the world to stop revolving . I feel as if all the life has be sucked out of me .

    Sorry i dont mean to come across negative as my spirits are high . I hope all is well with you and your family .

    Love and Light Mags xx

  • LOap....sorry to hear you are down. Sometimes we just need to stop and take a breather for a while.

    You have been so kind to me, I wish you only the best!!


  • Well Mags,

    Whatever can we do to make you smile???


    With children and nurturing everyone within your realm( here....and there at home), no wonder.

    You give so much of yourself, as MGG says...time to take a breather. Go for a walk when you can and get some air and alone time for 10 minutes or so.

    It was 110 here today...ick!! lol

    But I did need to get out of the house and take some dogs for a walk. It helped clear my head. Ive been addicted to online spades...my eyes are looking 25 yrs older than they are. EEEk!!

    God and angels above, soothe the soul that is weary,

    let her rest and breathe in your loving spirit.

    There are some wonderful relaxation videos on you tube that have the prettiest music.

    Hope you feel more rested tomorrow Mags.

    I would love to hear of other's experiences with spirit energy.

  • Thanks guys , i just felt abit wacked out of it feeling much better today

    Thanks Patch for that lovely prayer it worked .

    i would also love to hear of others experiences .

    Come on any takers ?

  • Hey MGG,

    thanks for your kind words , do you have any spirit stories to share with us ?

  • No I sure don't...wish I did. I have never felt anyone near me. I have never ever dreamed of anyone that has passed. Which is a bummer because I really want to.

    How are you feeling? I hope you took some time for yourself.

  • Hi MGG,

    Im feeling much better today ive felt so exhausted this week , running from pillar to post chasing time as usual, more importantly are you feeling after the terrible time you have had ?

  • Good, I am glad you are feeling better!!!

    It is getting better slowly. I still cannot believe this all happened. I asked the Captain this and I will ask you too: You would tell me if you sensed something bad has happened to Ethyl right?

  • Hi MGG,

    Of course i would ,i never got any bad vibes at all ,can you drive near where the Captain suggest the electrical station and call out her name ?

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