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  • Hi EWF,

    Your house is notthat old maybe these spirits are attached to the land have you ever thought of researching yor properties history to see who owned the land before you lived there .?

  • Hi Sheelagh,

    I hope all is well , yes im starting to just put it out there now no matter how crazy it sounds to me and i find people can toally relate to what i am saying ., even though im thinking that the person must think im a right nut job. Hope to catch up with you this weekend on chat.

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Good evening LoaP I just heard today that you had said something about what I had shared with you about my sisters passing. I don't know if it will be the same for you but I have never been afraid of any of my experiences and maybe that's why you kept seeing the mist. It maybe someone that past that you aren't aware of. Like Bloom I think was who said it. But it may be that because of your reaction your felling your being almost tormented by it. Could be it is hoping that eventually you won't have as much fear. Do you feel that it is evil or that your just afraid because your not used to these things happening? Shadow people aren't necessarily bad and they are looking out for you. Some of what your seeing maybe spirits that lived on the land a long time ago. Have you tried telling them in a stern voice this is my home now and it doesn't belong to you anymore and if you mean my family no harm you are welcome to stay as long as you don't scare anyone anymore. Or it's time for you to leave and go to the light you have been dead a long time and this isn't your home anymore. I have never been afraid so it's hard for me to understand others fear. It doesn't sound like they mean you harm and are maybe surprised that you even see them. And I find that feathers at my feet are there to tell me I am on the right path. I wish you the very best and you might burn white candles it may help. Saying no to people becomes very easy when you have completely gone through the change of life and you don't even feel guilty for saying it. By that time your past the age when your very concerned about wanting everyone to love you and your really ok if some don't. It will happen to most of us. Love and Light

  • Hi LL,

    It does startle me but ,i dont feel in anyway its evil or anything like that .,ive also had knocking on my door and no one is ever there and i know that its not kids mucking around there is a lot of energy happening here , i have a mans face in my tree which faces my front door ,i have big balls of. light appearing in my photos all the time , the list goes on and on yet the energy flow is very posiitve . I have asked them not to startle me anymore , so i will keep you posted . oh and another thing that happens around here is my dog constantly barks at nothing it drives me crazy , yet when i had the knocking happening at the door constanly he never barked ,only when someone was actually there it was really weird .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Good morning I find this to be very playful as if they are just letting you know they are around. So you have orbs and that is how some energy from spirits show themselves. I think they are really enjoying having you around and are watching after you and your family. As long as things remain like this I don't know that I would worry. You might ask them to stop making the dog bark and the knocking is enough because you know they are there. If your comfortable with them then you all may live ok together but you may want to tell them your ok and that if they need to go to the light that you will be fine with it. If you are able to was the paranormal shows they have on now it may help you to be more relaxed with what goes on in your home. The one about the children might be a good one because they teach them not to be afraid and also to not let them run there lives. To take back their own power. It would help anyone and give some information. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • Sorry for all the lousy proof reading that I didn't do. Still foggy from my pain meds I took last night. Good weekend for everyone. Libraslair 🙂

  • hi loap, this property was part of a farm before my house was built. several truck loads of dirt were brought in to level the property to the street. before the farm who knows. i will see what i can find out. there is 3 graves across the street behind the neighbors house. one is a captain from the civil war.

  • Loap, so very glad you mentioned faces in trees, because I see them in my back yard. People think Im off the wall or have a vivid imagination....but I see them as having real personalities.

    We hear knocking here too and occaisional sounds upstairs when we are all downstairs. The garage radio will blast itself into high volume once in a while. My husband was sitting right next to it one time.

    There is nothing fearful here.

    By the way, I went yesterday morning and talked to Jacob and Tony. I had a very peaceful feeling when I left, that at least they were listening.

    It is really great to read all of you. Thank you for sharing.

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  • sorry all...please continue on with your wonderful sharing. Sorry Loap.

  • Hi Patch,

    Here is a picture of my treeman , i often talk to him as well , my daughter thinks it looks like my Dad who passed away a few years ago but i dont feel it his him . People have often told me he looks chinese and i am not of chinese origin, i feel he is a gaurdian and a protector and i feel safe and very blessed to have him watching over us . I hope all is well with you and your family .

    Lots of love and hugs Loap:)

  • Hey Patch you need to resize your image google resize images online .

  • Hey Patch dont worry no need to apologise these things happen i would love to see your images when they are resized .

  • Hi EWAF,

    The history of your house sounds very interesting they say that 9 times out 10 its the land that is haunted and and gravestones near by and a soldier wow , that would be interesting to find out who else is buried there .

    Love and LightLoap:)

  • Loap, I resized it 87kb which should have been well under the 300kb. I will try to resize according to the pixels next time. Here's hoping for success.

    What an awesome picture of the tree spirit. Gentleness and peace....thank you for sharing.

    You are blessed, indeed.


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  • Think this might work

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