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  • well while it s on my mind, i would like to hear what you think about me seeing stuff in the corner of my eyes since i lived here. it was a new house when i got it. usually its something dark but recently i thought i saw the outline of a person. and the big one was 3 or 5 yrs ago about 1 a m i thought i saw a young girl come out of the wall by a new mirror and out the door . 15 mins later , i saw her go back the way she came in the corner of my eye that time. i was looking at the computer at the time. i also had 3 - 4 beers and was starting to feel it but not nearly that much good grief ! i was trying to ignore it then a breathing sound in my ear started, when i wold turn, it would stop. it was pretty load. when i looked back to the computer again the breathing would start back.. this continued for 15 mins then i couldnt take it anymore and ran to bed and covered up my head ! lol really... i have tried not to think about it too much for fear of it starting again but , is that wrong ?

  • Hi Loap, it's nice to meet you too 🙂

    I'm interested in most everything supernatural, but mainly healing and astral travel. Someone mentioned a feather in one of the comments, and I recently bought a book about psychic intelligence, as I feel I need to learn more about and expand what I have already experienced in that realm, and a day or so after starting to read the book, I found a pure white feather on my porch. Completely clean. So beautiful. I take it to mean that I am on the right path in developing my talents? I've experienced telepathy, astral projection, dreams that come true with regards to my safety, lots of subtle things. Hearing angelic music when someone I know is in trouble (it coincided when a loved one was in the hospital), hearing footsteps, seeing lights. Lots of little things. I want to develop these areas. I've never given tarot readings but am very interested in the art.

    Love to everyone,


  • Blmoon, thanks for that. I love sharing here but my new-found spirituality has been a little explosive and opened up a whole new world to me a bit too fast and I am questioning my own imagination and workings of the mind. The timidness probably comes from there...I just thought it was gracious to ask since it was LOAP’s personal thread and not a general discussion thread so...Thank you for the reassurance.

    What prompted me to share was your statement that self-doubt dilutes the messages from the Spirit. I might be facing something similar and if you have a little time for a long post, (because there are quite a few things I have questions about) would be glad to know what you and others think about all of this.

    I started meditating a little less than two months back. I have a very active and restless mind and I simply felt all these years it would take ages for me to discipline my mind to meditate. But I found it amazingly easy. I begin by thanking the Universe, my guardian angels and Reiki for always being there for me. I invite healing, Reiki to my chakras, ask for my answers, ask for help to be my authentic self, imagine myself sitting in a white room (which I call my Reiki room) and being bathed in white light. I could always imagine a figure (which was me) sitting in a white room in light but not a white room and light around me. Very recently, suddenly I saw a shower of white light falling gently upon me. But I was in a cave with darkness around me and the light was the only source of protection and guidance coming from a gap in earth showing me a bit of the sky. That has remained with me but I still fail to imagine myself in my white room, I can only ‘see’ myself sitting there. I reckon it is probably my ego and a failure to ‘give myself up’ that prevents me to. Also, there is this left and forward head tilt that makes me wonder whats up. I start with my head straight but either end up with my head turned up or left or feel a constant pressure or leaning on the left side of my head.

    A couple of months back my aunt passed on. While in the hospital all of us used to pray in the chapel or the church. I was praying years after I had stopped believing. We were trying to communicate with her to give her strength since a spiritual teacher said she was unsure whether she wanted to fight and come back or move on. At one of these times, in the chapel as I sat cross-legged and closed my eyes I immediately felt energy around my hands and saw myself in a room with an idol, a mix of Ganesha (Indian God), Happy Man, Buddha, a fat roly-poly man with a serene face. I saw coloured light emanating from him and saw the energy vibrations around him in circles. I felt reassured and easy to concentrate. My aunt refused to take my help in those meditative states (I saw her writhing in pain once, once she cryied out saying ‘Stop That’ and I stopped immediately. I know it was sign because the teacher had told us she was in a painless state despite her multiple physical complications) I continued praying for her highest good imagining the idol to be a source of light but at different times I’d feel a different sense of energy or ‘mood’, sometimes grim, sometimes tad aggressive, sometimes calm. Someone suggested I had probably picked up a wrong energy since I was in the hospital chapel and there could be all kinds there. I was asked to stop thinking of that idol and so I did. It didn’t trouble me or threaten me or feel dangerous or harmful. Nor does it now but I somehow feel there is a deeper meaning to that idol and its presence.

    My sister channelises help from angels when she gives me reiki and at one such time when I was thanking Reiki for helping me I had a vision of this wizened old person with the kindest face ever putting his / her hand on my head, giving me the most loving smile and saying ‘I love you’. The person was in robes and I saw the face very clearly, like every single wrinkle but couldn’t make out whether it was a male or female, there was no such definiteness, could have been either. My sister says it might be Angel Gabriel because she seeks the Angel’s help and the entity is historically known to be androgynous. There was simply so much love, kindness and reassurance in the figure...still stays with me.

    Another thing and this is more recent. Two months back I felt the presence of my guardian angels very strongly. All my life I always knew I was protected and not just cause am a Saggi and we are naturally lucky. I’d always always feel looked out for and protected, like there was a permanent safety net around me. That day I was saved from an accident in a very uncanny way and I KNEW it was my guardian angels. No doubts there.

    But this knowledge made me want to connect with them. During meditation I asked to speak to them and there was a voice on my right ear / shoulder that immediately answered me. We had a very very rapid conversation. I asked about my marriage and I kept getting the message to leave. I asked what about my husband, he is in a lot of pain, Angel said he would be fine. About my sis-in-law and said she would be fine too, in her own time. About my sister and said nothing can be done there, past her chances. I asked about this friend I had made and it said it was a mistake and it was like a punch in the gut. But it could have been about the pre-mature sharing and not the friendship per se which I was anyways feeling was a mistake. And so on.

    The guardian angel was a little entity, perky, cheerful, playful almost Ariel-like (Tempest, Shakespeare). But wise, oh very wise. I could see that in his smile. The conversation I had was very rapid so I don’t think it was my own mind making it up. (I have come to distinguish when it is doing so) After the conversation I told him it was him that day who saved me, wasn’ it? He gave me the heartiest, brightest smile which said, ‘So you knew.’ I told him I wasn’t sure if I was talking to him or making it up and that I might go and ask Captain if he existed. He said he knows and that I can go and ask and that Captain was a very pure soul. Exact words) I asked him if I’d be able to remember the conversation once I was out of the meditation and he assured me it will be there for me whenever I needed to recollect it. Then it said it needed to go and flew away. But I wasn’t satisfied and I asked something else and he was back in a jiffy answering my questions with the same patience as before.

    The next day, my husband and I decided to break up and something told me I shouldn’t let go. I prayed help for being authentic and that nothing I say or do should come from fear or ego, just authenticity. I was authentic and we did decide to give it another shot. That night I asked the Angel when I did exactly the opposite of what it asked me to how did it feel right? He said it was a test and that I had passed. I was a bit taken aback. We had a small talk after that too, rapid and instant and then he left.

    I am wondering if it was my mind making it all up? Nothing the Angel said was ‘news’ to me except the friend and test thing but then I have ways to explain that too. Don’t they say your angels can’t speak your language and will communicate in any way but direct language? Also don’t they say they don’t come when you want them to, they are simply there, you got to sense them? Also the pressure on my left and right sides, the tilt makes me think maybe it was my over-active imagination and I was simply telling myself all that I wanted to hear? There were also times when the angel was silent, refusing to answer. Most of the things I experienced are contradictory to what I’ve heard about spiritual guidance but the sense of fulfillment and friendship I was left with at all times I spoke to the angel was beautiful. It did not feel like I was making it up but then with the mind you are never sure right?

    Since then I have been so beset with doubts that I have stopped communicating with them completely lest I convince myself it is them when it is not and drive myself to the wrong path. But I do not want to be mistrustful. One of the major learnings I have in front of me right now is to learn to trust myself.

    Thanks for helping me share...

  • Hi Saggigirl ,

    Its ok no worries thankyou being so kind and considerate in thinking you should ask me first that was really nice of you , of course you can post your story here i would love to hear of your experiences with spirit.

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hi Libraslair,

    Ive been seeing this mist for a while now , sometimes it has freaked me out i remember one time i woke up and it looked like a big spider and i started screaming my husband jolted out of his sleep and was saying i was having a bad dream , of course by the time he was awake it had dissapeared completely . You are really open to it by seeing it when your sister died . I just wish i wouldnt get so startled by it as i think this freaks it out as well.

    Love and Light LOap:)

  • Hi Blmoon ,

    Thankyou for sharing your insight with me ,,you are so right i would like to make more of a concrete connection with spirit , i have made contact with a couple of them already for other people but ive never been able to for myself i am reasonably new to all this i feel them if this makes sense to you , they dont speak its like i just know what they want to commuicate to me ,and i am so amazed by this , when i say ive made contact the spirit has come to me ive never summoned them or anything like that .I have had visions but its more of a feel thing that is happening with me . The mist has been happening long before my cousin died , but ive had the feeling i am being watched similar to like what earthwind and fire said its like i see things out of the corner of my eye like they want to show themselves but are worried to ,. I used to see like flutters of movement on my floor and there was nothing there it was like how a mouse would move when you think youve seen one out of the corner of your eye , one day i was sitting on my couch watching tv when one came right up to me it was like a small dot of light and i jumped out of my skin and screamned again and it dissapeared I am a very nervouse person , and get scared easliy especially at creepy crawleys and mice they give me a heart attack . Have you ever heard of anything like this before ? I have smelt roses often in my house ,and have said a big thankyou to whoever it is who is sending it to me as i love the fragrance .

    Many thanks once for your insight once again ,

    Love nd light Loap:)

  • Thank you LOAP 🙂 I read through your conversation with Blmoon and hope your spiritual experiences aren't feeling that disturbing now...

    Poured out all the questions here, Blmoon's encouragement 🙂 A whole new Universe is opening up to me and my patent problem of not trusting myself is proving to be the major roadblock in this journey onwards. Fighting, resolving, learning...sigh, such a long way to go!

    Would love to hear more of your spiritual journey. (I do read whatever you have to share often) Do keep sharing.

    Blessings and love 🙂

  • Hi earth, windand fire,

    I can totally relate to what you are experiencing , like i said in my post to Blmoon, ive been seeing things out of the corner of my eyes as well but nothing to the extent in which you are experiencing full on visions with me i can feel there prescence strong as well . I can totally understand how scared you must have felt about the breathing i would have been petrified and screamned my head off . Have you though about bringing in a medium to find out who these spirits are ? Maybe you should do some cleansing in your house ive heard sage is very good .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hi Saggigirl ,

    I love reading your experiences with angels thankyou for sharing them , Angels commuinicate with me through numberplates , and number sequences . Ive just remembered something that happened regarding feathers a few weeks ago i took my littleone to kinder ,and it is in bushland there are high gum tree everywhere ,anyway there are always cockatoos flying around there i dont know if you know of them ?but they are basically a big white bird, anyway as i was walking back to my car i seen a white feather on the ground next to my car but dismissed it as being a sign from my angels because of the cockatoos flying around everywhere .I have to say it was the purest whitest feather that i have ever seen it was clean for being on the road .i picked it up and have kept it .

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on this ?

    Many Blessings Loap:)

  • 🙂

  • thanks loa p , i havnt tried anything but trying to ignore it so it wont come back until my adrenal glands are stronger. i dont know if this is me being able to pick up on these things or if its just this house or if i should try to make contact rather than ignoring them.

    BlMoon, i would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    thanks all, EWF

  • Hi Violeta ,

    You have experienced alot of spiritual energy , wow your feather sounds exactly how i described mine to saggigirl thats amazing now i am begining to think it was defentley as sign .What is the name of the book you have bought on Psychic intelligence ? It sounds very interesting . I also have heard music in my head i, had my best friend who passed away come to me through a song and it was an amazing experience that i will never forget for the rest of my life . I have my ipod playin on shuffle everyday and out of over one thousand songs Michael Jacksons you are not alone will play every day ,and my Dad who is in spirit has played the same song to my Mum when we had family crisis and someone was very ill .so i name Michael Jackson the Archangel Michael of the ipod lol. The tarot came to me i wasnt interested in it at all ,my friend bought bought me a deck years ago and i would just play with them for fun , than years later My Mum bought me a deck and from then on i started to get right into it seriously . I am now trying to learn my animal medicine cards amongst juggling kids and housework there are never enough hours in the day .

    Many Blessings LOap:)

  • Hi EWF,

    How old would you say the house is ?

  • Lovely white feather!!! Aren't signs the toughest things to decode!!! It sure sounds like a sign LOAP, but then don't they say a sign could have a personal meaning more than it's larger symbolism? I looked up the net for you and it said everything from symbol of cowardice to purity. Were you looking for a sign from your angels on anything specific?

    In my experience signs have been more a manifestation of synchronicity and nothing more. Maybe it is my limitedness of being able to interpret them but then I fear over-analysing so I simply let it be. Like if I am thinking of a person I see their name or a thought or movie replicates the exact thought in my head or life at that moment. Like today morning when I was writing my spiritual experiences here a song was on which said 'listen to your soul' 🙂 So well, now that could be a sign! Or not!

    About my angels, am glad you liked reading about my experiences...a part of me believes in them but a part of me thinks I might be fooling myself...there is self-doubt or rather a fear of going wrong (again!) so I don't know if it really was my angels...but then now as I connect, while writing about self-doubt the song played 'listen to your soul' and my soul does say I spoke to my angels...So maybe that IS a sign?

    Wanted to ask you, does tarot reading involve taking an negative energies of the person you are reading for? Or any sort of negative impact on the reader? Just curious.

  • Hi Saggigirl,

    Thanks for the feather info yes listen to our soul wow thats straight to thepoint you couldnt have asked for a better message .Yes you can pick up negative energy from doing a tarot reading , and this can make the reader feel very ill , ive had it happen to me before , so now i surround myself in whitelight especially when doing face to face readings , iIve never picked up negative vibes through doing them online as yet . Are you practising tarot ? if you dont mind me asking ?

  • Yes, I couldn't have asked for a better message and I didn't even think of it until now when you spoke about your feather!!!

    No, no, I am not into tarot just simply fascinated with it so asked. (Hey, why should I mind your asking? :)) Before I came to this forum last year it was all a mystical, dubitious practice to me but then when I came here and read the readings all of you give its like my mind's changed shape almost! My cousin mentioned once I may be good at interpreting tarot since I am very perceptive but then have not been motivated to take it up as yet. Maybe if I am meant to, I will.

    Am glad you are successful in protecting yourself with white light, I guess its very important. I am an empath and do try to protect myself in the same way when faced with uncomfortable situations. Yes, it helps me, it does...

  • hey lap my house is 16 yrs

  • Hi Mags interesting thread here, I agree totally about trusting what you see that means nothing to you but the world to someone else. It is my stumbling block.

    Hope you are wellxxxxxxx

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer,

    It's that book that just came out by the psychic twins called Psychic Intelligence. I found it very helpful. I had a hunch that I should check it out, and I'm glad I did. It's by Terry and Linda Jamison. It gives you a nice overview with a list of questions to ask yourself regarding seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing types of psychic awareness. I highly recommend it. Things happend sort of randomly with me, and I've always been very interested in things of this nature, and now I'm really sort of researching and studying up on it a bit more. I got very sidetracked by working all the time and not remembering to take time for myself, coming to the realization that it's okay to say no to people, it's okay to put your needs first, and this book gave me the extra nudge I needed to feel confident in all kinds of areas of life. I was really touched by the white feather, and you know what, I should've picked it up and brought it inside, but I felt like it was so pure and special that I should respectfully acknowledge it and give thanks while leaving it on my steps. I wonder now if I should've brought it in. It was just so wonderful. It's really nice to talk to other people with similar experiences 🙂

    With love

  • Hi Violeta ,

    Thanks for the info in the book i will google it when i get chance , i am 42 and still learning how to say no to people , i honstely thought i was making progress with this, but im afraid its an issue that i know i will be fighting with myself with for the rest of my life .So i defentlely need to get ma a copy of that book . I still have my feather its in a draw with all my tarot cards and books , you see previously to that i was reading a book by Doreen and Charles Virtue called Angel signs ,and in it there are many stories of people asking for a sign from their angels and receiving feathers , well i was asking them for a month i said ,Dear angels if it is not to much to ask could you please send me a feather to let me know that i am on the right track ? So i when i seen the feather i picked it up straight away ,even though i was kind of still doubting myself in the back of my mind because of the cockatoos that were flying around everywhere . I have asked them to send me another one and if its not to much trouble could they put it on my car so i will defentley know that it is from them .

    It is vey nice getting to know you and listening to your experiences as well.

    Loadsa love Loap:)

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