Need a reading.

  • Long story short.

    Im a scorpio. Hes a virgo. Weve been dating for 6 months, only which of 3 ive spent with him. He travels for work so in the last 3 months ive seen him for 4 days. He is very uncommunicative, and emotionally very guarded. I am also, but i feel ive been way more open, in hopes of trying to get some sort of his feelings and thoughts on me.

    Things were really good up until about a month ago, where we barely even text. He never calls me, but when we do talk its " i miss you", "im sad, i need my girlfriend" and "you are the best".

    He does not seem to understand that even though i am not needy, dont need constant attention and am very easy going, i still need SOMETHING. Esepcially because its long distance, when he texts me twice a day, it makes me feel like he doesnt care.

    He also never expressed " i love you". When we're together, I can feel it from him though.

    Anyways, 2 days ago I decided that enough was enough. I told him i was done waiting for him and that im sick of him not caring. He of course told me he did care, he just doesnt see what "talking about it" will do, and that he wants to see me.

    I need to know if i did the right thing, and if he does love me. Should i be more patient at the sake of my needs? I am so confused and would really appreciate a reading from someone to either get some insight into how he feels, what he wants, what he thinks about me breaking up with him. ANYTHING!!!


  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • me - Nov 4th 1984

    him - Sept 10 1984

  • oops. 1985 for him i mean. sorry.

  • Both of you have a withdrawn, private side so that you would just as soon spend your time alone. The chemistry of your matchup is surprising in that it activates your impulse for social interaction with other people. This is a relationship that tries to turn the two of you away from your preoccupation with the personal, giving you the chance to balance that side of yourselves with family, community, club and team-sports interests. Your BF's mystery and your silence will never be completely erased, but this relationship gives you two an opportunity to combine your more introverted sides with other aspects of life that you might well have neglected otherwise.

    Your love affair can be dark, passionate, even stormy. It will activate deep areas of your psyches, creating a smoldering intensity. At the same time, the relationship has a social drive that often prevents the two of you from wallowing in the moods and depressions to which you are prone, motivating you to seek out the company of others. Marriage can be highly successful here, even if you two sometimes need a little relief from each other - which you are likely to find in parties, entertainment, vacations, games, and other lighthearted activities involving friends or family. This combination is worth persevering with, because it can bring out both your lighter, unserious sides, lending you relief from your problems and a more carefree approach to life. Raising both your senses of self-esteem (your friend has an issue of being both sexy AND smart while you may fear being controlled by another person) can make this relationship more effective. Work on building up your shared strengths of passion, socializing, and the comforting supportive aspects of your matchup, and deal with your relationship's weaknesses of impracticality and depression. Go out to places you have never been before and really connect with other people.

  • thank you 🙂

    just wondering, since ive read so many good things about you. Are you able to do some sort of a reading on what is going on with him and why hes pulling this crap? Its hard to know what to do when your not even sure the person cares.

  • Reading of Mr. Virgo: This person was born in the week of the Enigma. He is blessed with amazing energy, endurance, and natural discrimination. He is likely to have very high standards and an acute sense of discernment, and his personal choices and his judgments of others should be reasonably sound. His calm, collected exterior serves to hide his passionate and tumultuous personal life, however, and he would do well to better integrate his issues of involvement versus detachment, or else risk developing real conflicts between his public and private sides. He must use his analytical abilities and discernment to be a moderator of conflict instead of causing it. He must also learn to present information and share himself more openly. Gathering and sharing impersonal information is easy for him - sharing the more personal and private stuff and expressing his real feelings is not. If he will allow himself the luxury of honest self-expression and avoid a tendency toward purely material or superficial goals, all will go well for him.

    Your friend may often by viewed by others as aloof or unapproachable since, despite his considerable magnetism and charm, he can fly off on a moment's notice or get so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he forgets about other people's concerns. Learning to release such elusiveness, and to simply slow down, will be essential for both his business and social life. He must become more patient with people, more 'present', and put greater effort into harmonious relations with others. However, he will probably always remain somewhat mercurial and hard to pin down, discovering that his loved ones, not to mention business associates and clients, will seem to need more of his time than he is prepared to give. Alternatively, he may fritter away his spare time on too many involvements or idle pursuits because of his deep desire for variety and adventure. Thus, monitoring and adjusting the energy given to relationships will be required if he is to find the middle ground between the extremes of selfishness and altruism. While your friend may be most comfortable with just a few, deep intimate relationships, he seems destined to be surrounded by a variety of more superficial ones. Tending as he does to think the grass is always greener on the other side, he may be hard-pressed to stick to one partner. Commitment is not his forte. Given his passionate (though hidden) nature, promiscuity may be a problem here. Your friend tends to like the idea of travelling alone in life, without any responsiblities, a kind of freedom in the sense of having no one to answer to and fewer compromises to make. However, a stable family life is often the best form of grounding for this guy. Even if he has a secret life away from his home and family, he will always depend heavily on them to provide the steadiness he so sorely needs.

    Deep down, he really wants to find someone he can give total permanent commitment to, to find a partner whom he can count on to take care of all his material needs and he will take care of them emotionally (or vice versa) - a synergestic relationship that is mutually empowering and completely dependable with someone who has the same energy, goals, and values as him. To do this, he must become strong inside andget in touch with his own values first. By tuning into what is valuable and meaningful to him, he will become aware of what he truly wants and can figure out who he is as an individual. What holds him back from achieving this goal is his tendency to seek his self-worth through other people rather than through his own inner achievements. This can lead him into an unending search for a soulmate. But he can only achieve a sense of completion within himself - it will never come as the by-product of a relationship, even with a soulmate. No matter how much validation and support he gets from others, he will always feel the need for more, until he learns to generate that sense of worth in himself by living according to standards he knows are right for him. He must learn to walk his own path instead of becoming enmeshed in others' business.

    He also has this obsession thing about being considered sex*y as well as smart. He may have this illusion that he is a person of high morals, just with naughty thoughts. He has a fascinating, creative but very dark side and a weird twist of mind sometimes. When someone annoys, disappoints or deceives him, he can have a sailor's vocabulary that even parrots wouldn't repeat, and he can grow pretty darn comfortable with his own dark self. He may develop an attraction for the seamier side of life as an escape from prosperity, security, or a traditional lifestyle of moral values. He'll probably never be able to stay totally on the straight and narrow but, as long as he is careful, he won't get arrested. Even if his behaviour is seedy now and then, in thought if not in deed, he has a gifted intelligence and a noble aspiration to raise the level of consciousness of others and, hopefully, himself.

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