Need a reading for myself and my bf.

  • We have been dating about eight months. Five exclusively. Hit a bump out of nowhere the 17th. Strange, this followed one of our best weekends ever. He has been cordial but says it is over. We were very close. Spent lots of time together. Always on the phone. A real couple. Now this out of nowhere. We did have a big fight that night. He shut down. Just over. He is friends with his ex. She is very flirtatious with him. Leans on him whenever she has guy trouble. Which is a lot. He is open about it. Says he isn't into her at all. I have been very patient. My gut always told me he still had feelings for her. I wonder if he has broken off to see where they stand. She is a nightmare. Even if they did try, it would never work. But I couldn't be his second choice. Forget that. He is a Virgo sun and Taurus moon. So it could be that he just felt pressure and needs time. He has always been honest. I can usually read situations so easily. This one has me stuck! She and I are both leos. I am an early Leo and she is a late Leo. So different types of Leo. She is an Aquarius moon and I am a Capricorn moon. I am older than he is and she is younger. He is really mature. From what I have heard she isn't. Not looking for advice. Looking for help with a reading to see where this is going.

  • hi Roxyray he is attracted to you more than her..u see with a virgo sun & taurean moon blending with the earthen sign of your cappy moon.Earth &air signs dont go well ur moon is in trine with eachother..infact u both understand each other well.Does your guy have a venus in leo?I would need your venus & mars signs as well as his for getting a reading.I think thinking &a lil time will sort this out

  • Oh thank you. I think it is in Scorpio. Which kinda freaks me out. I keep thinking it will. Everything I am reading says he is in a retrograde or eclipse. My knowledge is limited. So he is in a love- repulsion state with me. Nice? Huh? But he is being so nice. So I am totally giving him his space. His d.o.b. Is 8-28-75 was born in eastern standard time. Does this help with the Venus?

  • Hi again I think his venus was in virgo at that time which again blends with your cappy moon which is the thing is I think he has some issues that u might have overlooked when you were in arelationship,being a always being spontenos in love unlike the practicality & v v slow taurean thinking.Think carefully what was ur fight bt?was it bt him not giving attention to you?did you feel neglected because he was busy with work??think carefully

  • Honestly, I would sometimes feel neglected because he is the best lover I have ever had. Lol. He loves to spend the night together but a lot of times just wants to hold each other. Where I would prefer to be intimate every night. Embarrassing. I think that has a lot to do with our ages too. He is 35 and I am 41. He also gets a little shy discussing sex where I am more open. The funny thing is, I was in a 15 yr marriage and have had only a few partners. Where he has never been married and has had more than I would dare say. He has completely changed his lifestyle. When we met he went out at least 3 nights a week. Dated a lot. Now he is a total homebody. Says he is ready to settle down. I fear my insecurity about the way he was when we met may have shown in our last weeks together and turned him off. Being a cap moon. Maybe I was too cool and aloof and he got scared giving his heart and has shut down. Being a Taurus moon, it may be too late. We aren't even talking. If I were to text him. He would respond and be polite of course. Being the polite to a fault taurean. So at this point maybe I should just leave him alone and hope he comes back. I think contacting him would be the worst thing to do. I have to show stability and be respectful of him. Am I right?

  • That particular fight, btw was about the ex. I had said, if the situation were reversed she would have flipped her lid by now. Well of course she would. She's a kid. Dumb thing to say. Just made me look horrible. He offered to not talk to her and set up firmer boundaries. But Leo was on fire. Said, oh no! You two aren't making me the bad guy. Then you would just do it behind my back. Yep. Made a huge asses of myself. He literally turned his back to me and asked me to leave. So I went from being mature and u affected to being immature spoiled brat psycho girlfriend in about an hour. Not pretty. So what made me different in his eyes and made us good as a couple was destroyed by a temper tantrum.

  • Now now dont be hasty in judging yourself..he deserves the benefit of doubt for once at least!!!I fear that the leo part of being all passionate in love has taken him by surprise..perhaps in the initial phase of the relationship you had been practical slow,went with the flow !that is what might have attracted him to you..somehow the passionate side of you has driven him away..he is scared of being rushed & forced in2 a commitment!!Ok here is a secret you should know...Taurus moon personalities do not want to be rushed or forced into commitments. However, once they do make an emotional commitment to a project, idea, or relationship, they doggedly pursue and hang on to it. It's hard for them to accept when things go wrong, and it may take an even longer time for them to make the necessary adjustments to rectify the situation. Their calm and quiet temperament has a stabilizing influence on others, but it can also give them an aura of self-containment that makes them appear proud or unapproachable. But again the negative side of it is They may forgive but they rarely forget. Some of them remember personal insults and disappointments for years, wasting precious time bearing grudges that should have been long forgotten. So if you have said anything hurtful person not by text....Then giv him space me he will be the 1 to initiate contact....

  • Another thing this man wants a lot of snuggling & security..wrap him in a blanket sit close beside him holding him under the starry sky &u will hav him forever...he is in this for the long me..provided you are patient.p.s- when he near you make sure that u smell good...(think of his fav flower)

  • Thanks. I appreciate everything you have said here. More than you know. I am just freaked out because when reading their moonscopes it keeps saying they are bothe getting back with an ex for a long term relationship. I have apologized. I know he doesn't want to see me. So I will just wait and see. Thank you again.

  • Hey u might be that ex cause he has broken up with you patient

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