To the Captain

  • Hi Captain,

    Hope you are well! You have provided me with fantastic insight on my familial and love relationships in the past and I am coming to you yet again for guidance.

    My ex husband (5/26/68) and I (11/22/68, leo rising) have had a relatively amicable relationship for the past couple of years but lately that seems to have changed. For the past couple of months on and off he has been very unstable in general and angry with me in front of our 3 young children (2/23/01 cancer rising, 3/3/03 libra rising, 8/9/06 pisces rising) about relatively minor things. I try to not pay any attention nor engage him when he's in an off mood, but now they are all asking me why he is saying nasty and inappropriate things to them about me and my family when I am not around. I just say that daddy must have been feeling angry and sometimes people say things they don't mean when they are upset. He seems to be gunning for a fight with me and I am not really sure why. It may bother him that my kids are very close to and spend quite a bit of time with my significant other (3/4/65, cancer rising)

    The part that troubles me the most is that I have used natural and alternative medicines and organic whole foods and supplements in my house and on my children since they were born and all are and always have been in excellent health. My ex husband used to be very supportive in this and benefited from it as well, but lately this has changed too and he is challenging me at every turn, even threatening to make trouble for me legally. This truly concerns me because alternative medicine, while enjoying more support in the US than in the past, is still not the popular choice here.

    We are both involved with other people and I am wondering if that is at least part of the cause of this. I had hoped that him having a new girlfriend (of about 8 months) would make this better, but she now seems more part of the problem than the solution. From what my kids tell me she is very controlling and bossy, redecorating their dad's house and not letting them in some of the rooms, trying to force what they wear, disciplining them freely and sometimes saying unkind things about me too. Mostly they think she does not really want them around. My oldest is most vocal about this, but I hear this from all of them to varying degrees. When I say they should talk to him about it, they say he won't listed and will take her side. I know kids can exaggerate but interestingly they all liked his two previous girlfriends very much.

    I am hoping that he will drop the medical thing, because he tends to get all fired up about something and then just suddenly drop it and move onto the next thing. Do you think I need to be concerned? Everything I do with my kids is perfectly legal, but not popular here and he could cause trouble for me if he wanted to. On my side, he owes me a great deal of money that he has never paid since the divorce and I mentioned that if he wanted to go back to court I would definitely go after that.

    Also, is this girlfriend part of the problem or are the kids just overstating? I wish I had her birthdate, but don't. I know she is about 10 years younger than him and very career and money focused and I know 3 little kids can be overwhelming for anyone. She has always been pleasant to me, but I have not spent much time with her. My kids fear they will marry. At this point, I am not sure what to hope for.

    Thanks in advance, Captain for your insight! Have a great day!

  • Hello,

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I was wondering anyone could give me some insight on my pisces.

    I have been dating this pisces on and off for a bit - his bday (2/25/74) but even when it's off we are still the best of friends talking every day from morning until night. We go out to dinner. He came to my son's graduation. He''s done the 'off' thing' to me two times before telling me that he needs his alone time because he has issued he needs to deal with, so I gave him just that. We still talked though. I know pisces need their time time to retreat. I recently found out that he just started dating someone a Libra. They have been friends for 10 years and have many mutual friends. They haven't dated that long, he was in an 8 yr rel. prior. I only found out because I saw their pic on facebook. He's told me he didn't want to lose me, or hurt my feelings, which is why he never told me. Yet, none of his friends know me. She doesn't care that he lied (or omitted to tell her about our bff status and thinks I am a liar. Needless to say, I am kind of numb and in shock. This is the first time I have allowed myself to be vulnerable for years and I followed my heart.

    The night before I found all of this out he told me he never wanted to lose me. The week before he told me he wished he could follow his heart and not his head. Do you know what any of this means? Should I just move on? Technically, no cheating was done, since we are not currently dating. I honestly thought I loved this man, and that he cared for me as well.

    Could you please tell me what my chances are, you all being pisces? If I should just walk away with my tail between my legs? I know pisces are known to be pulled in two different directions, never known to make up their minds, but one lions pride can only take so much, I care so much about this man, but it's so hard now after find out all of these lies...

    Thank you in advance.

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