Red Shoes symbol

  • Does anyone know by any chance what do Red Shoes symbolise? Couple of days ago I asked Universe /God/Whatever you call it to send me a sign to help with the dilemma I'm facing. Today while sitting in the café my attention was suddenly attracted to the bright red, beautiful, almost fairy taley shoes, that some lady was wearing. I though it reminded me of something, and I felt that that was the sign.

  • I love red shoes! It takes confidence to wear red shoes. Red shoes dance! Red shoes say fun! Perhaps you are being urged to lighten up---feel your unique special self--perfectly as is. Have you been stifeling yourself lately for someone? Have you been a bit too quiet about your needs in a situation? Have you been a worry wort and neglecting the joy of being in "the moment? Have you been unkind to yourself with regrety and self doubt? To answer your own question---be honest---if you were wearing those red shoes how would you feel? BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you, Blmoon. I've been feeling all that - suppressing my needs etc. I've googled the Red Shoes and it came up with 2 mutually exclusive meanings - one is indeed very positive and light(Dorothy from the Wizzard of Ozz) and the other one from H. Ch. Andersen's story, called Red Shoes, about a selfish and fickle girl, who was only interested in having fun, and ended badly, naturally 🙂 Well, I guess I'll go with the first meaning and opt for lightenning up, if I can.

  • Wise choice--which is why I asked you to ask yourself questions as when it comes to interpeting symbols you need to include your personal situation as well as general meanings. There are several native american stories as well that use the red shoes to express two different meanings. One indeed is more negative as in a girl who lets her childish needs for instant gratification carry her away and she finds herself unable to stop dancing--depletes herself--her spirit or soul ends up starving. As a psychic I chose the meaning that felt more right for you and because you are in a place now were it is your intention to connect with spirit guidance directly they wanted you to keep that up and learn to ask yourself the right questions. Trust your gut--not your fears. BLESSINGS!

  • Strangely, Andersen's story is precisely the same as the native American one, and to be honest both both could apply to my situation. I've been helping my sister through her chemo therapy and operation, it's all been very successful, and now there is only radio therapy left as a prevention. She does have a supportive husband with her, and I feel the need to go on vacation, to which she objects. Her reason is that she would worry about me, and she needs peace and quiet now. So she says if I loved her I wouldn't do that. But I feel very tired, physically and emotionally and need some space for my own needs. So that's what it is about. Both meanings of the Red Shoes could really apply to this situation.

  • Yes, I think I would definitely feel more adventurous and lighthearted with red shoes on 🙂 Thank you very much for your insight, Blmoon !

  • Good intuition---red shoes AND a vacation! You have to hear your body talking as a strong will is not enough--there is a reality to our earthly needs. As you know, illness is reality. Celebrate your body and the blessing of NOT having cancer! Caretakers and the worry minded must balance rest and giving. Look around--God reminds us everywhere there are cycles. Rest and growth rest and growth--waning and waxing. The wheel goes up--the wheel goes down. Rest is usually non negotiable and to ignore the needs of mind body spirit has a consequince. What goes up must come down? Better to float down gently on your own then crash! I am seeing the seaside--ocean---any kind of body of water would really do you good right now. You have a bond with the sea that heals you quikly. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you again for your insight, Blmoon. Actually, my sister lives 5 minutes away from the ocean, and she often goes for walks along the beach, which is definitely good for her. I think both of us have a bond with water, as there is lots of water in our birth chart (we are twins). I also feel this connection very strongly, and join her on those walks whenever possible. My vacation would be flying across the ocean this time to the other side of it 🙂 Blessings to you too !

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