Will my gemini man come back to me?

  • ok so we been in relationship for one year. His family was going through hard time and i was constantly bugging him to spend time with me. and he thought that he was hurting me by not spending enough time with me so he decided to end the relationship. he told me he loves me a lot but he can't see me getting hurt like that. he said if he finds good job and his family settle down. he will be more than happy with me so i texted him just to make sure i asked me if its temporary and he will come back and then he said its over. he gave me mixed signal then i asked him if in the future he ever wanted to have any girl would he chose me first. and he said yes, you everything i have always wanted. so do you think he will come back? and after how long? and also i did everything after the breakup that i shouldnt have like begging and manipulating him. but then i stopped and decided to give him space. i haven't contacted him for three days now..PLEASE HELP!!

  • btw i am aries..

  • Honestly bugging and trying to manipulative any guy is not good, begging him is no self respect for you.. he see you as desperate. The good job /family is a excuse if he wants you he say then your work it out.

  • Im an aries and the love of my life is a gemini....Ive learnt dont chase. I went 14 mnths without contact with my gemini and he came running back. Said things ul never hear any other man say....but the circumstances were different. i feel geminis cant handle more than one thing. And they have to prioritise things, Unfortunatly for us both we havnt reached the top of the list. Best thing you can do is leave him.

    Its hard and hurts. Im still crying some days after 3 wks of my relationship with gemini splitting up. Theres just more than a spark between us, Solemates. But things/people just get in the way. But im sure with a clear mind they will come back to the one they love. The one that keeps bugging them every day in their heads. Atb

  • Just relax people, hive those guys spaces and it will be just fine

    sometimes they just need to think as they have so much in their mind

    Go get a massage by the time you are done there they be back

  • Hehe thats a good way of putting it - basically move on. But if we do and find another guy they will just back off ??

  • yes, Arieslady why worry , , yes you may worry because you love this man but really if a man love you and you know it why worry? in the same case if he doesnt love you, worry and stress can kill and make you old

    sometimes the stress we put on ourself is simply not worth it

    look at this forum and past story with Gemini or men in general, women worry too much for nothing

    men are good but they are not everything and if you make one thing everything in your life you may become very unhappy when that one single thing doesnt work out

    it's not worth , life is too short

    i started to worry about this guy and felt i belong with him and all he show me is disregard well i got to a point well it doesnt matter at all, there are other people and as long you know your worth and appreciate who you are and what you got you are ok

  • and he kept telling me that i am a great girl and deserve so much better! i really love him! so i decided not to text him but do email him after a month or so asking him if everything is ok? i just wanna show him that i do care. is this the right thing to do? or should i completely ignore him?

  • U speak alot of sense star. Just i have this doubt with him not communicating with me that he is forgetting all of what we had and could have despite all the crap.

    Im in the same boat willgeminimancomeback. I dont know wether to msg my ex and see if all is ok. But that will show i care...and they may milk this and take advantage of this gesture. I pretty much forgot about my ex when i split up with him the 1st time then he came back begging. It was then i realised i wasnt over him completely and i took him back. Now ive been let down again. He is under alot of pressure and may not want me involved in his troubles as he know it just hurts.

    I just dont know... 😞

  • wow we are on the same boat! the thing that hurt the most is that he promised that he will never leave me.. i really miss him. i hope he come back to me soon. waiting is the hardest thing to do. 😞

  • Yea i know its pretty painful. But time is a good healer. i have spent over a year with no contact with this person and im sure ile be able to do it again....he came back that time. But circumstances are much different with him now....Who Knows. Lets hope he finds happiness elsewhere or comes to his senses.

  • Hello Ladies, listen i was where you are now and know what i thought my sense was right about him and my feeling i use to worry a lot about him [ the Gemnini] until i find out he was engage to another woman in same time he was with me. there i was worry night and day about this man i thought was my soul mate and i was crush,

    Not to say that you will be living the same disappointment Ladies, but just look at what you wrote and look how much you worry

    Guys they know where to find us if they want to without us worrying about them

    they know our name, phone and email if they want to share anything with us

    sometimes[ WE WOMEN] kind think that men doesnt know, we see them like some helpless kid that doesnt understand our feeling and especially their feeling for us

    but this is a mistake when a man want you he go crazy and cant stop, worst then women

    you Ladies need to question why you are the only trying to reach him when his playing the distance and guessing game

    The Gemini i dated just wanted to sleep with me, he will say anything to do that

    and he had a woman at home that in his mind was the woman he was going to married

    so sometimes you need to honour your own beauty and life and keep going, if any men want you they know what to do to come around

    making excuse for them why this and that didnt happen wont help much

    I noticed that men are always in alert to chase a woman, so dont think they dont know how to do it because they do.

  • thank you star2u.. I think i should focus on my career and family instead of worrying over a guy If he really loved me, he'll come back to me, he got my number, email and facebook. Everything happens for a reason, maybe God got better plans for me! I try hard to stay strong and not to contact him but stupid memories makes me sad 😞 he used to be so nice to me

  • yea its the memories that kinda get the heart strings going. I know what you say is right star. I got abit drunk and was thinking deeply. I havnt been hassling my ex or even contacting him ive been giving him space that he wanted. But i just sent a short but sweet msg to him via a website we both use. He hasnt read it yet nor has he deleted it. Time will tell.

    Just cant understand why its a problem just being friendly to us and letting us know how they feel...I need closure to move on i really need it this time if he wants total closure. Its just gettin a chance to gain it.....x

  • i tried really hard not to contact him but my friend insisted me to text him this week and he never replied. I feel so bad, i hate myself for texting him. how is everything going with you arieslady?

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