Tough situation.. Need reading please.

  • My ex and a malicious cousin of mine made up a story about me and even though I had evidence I still got slapped with some bs. Me an my ex have a daughter together and we had a real bad break up. This all started when I filed for custody but now I am just trying to get extended days with my daughter. My ex would like nothing more than for me to never see my kid (just trying to hurt me) and I am just trying to move on with my life. I want to know how will this all play out because I know I am a great father and I know my daughter loves me so much too! Fred 05-20-73

  • What have you done with the evidence you had against the liars? You may need to take legal action to stop them taking advantage of you or sullying your name and reputation. There are libel and slander laws if you have enough evidence against them to make a case stick. If not, try to gather more evidence to protect yourself (witness statements, text, emails etc.) and to ensure you see your child.

  • I still have texts and emails. On this first case i went to this information got put in as evidence but still I lost. My cousins husband is a public figure and it was not a good sign when he was a witness against me and knew the Judge. Believe me when I say I honestly am innocent. I was going to sue both parties but now since I got slapped with thisorder I can't. My ex is using this order to stop any extra visitation rights and to have me on supervised visitations. I don't know why she is like that when she knows I am a great father and my baby loves me too.

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  • You need to hire a good lawyer and get them to fight this battle for you. Also try to get more evidence against your accusers. You must also have alibis if you need them in case they accuse you of doing things you haven't done. I feel like you can't give in too easy on this one or you might lose everything you care for. You have to fight this injustice.

  • Thanks Captain,

    I thought I hired an agressive lawyer but she is far from that. She is letting me get bullied by my exes lawyer. Money is a big issue right now since I have already blown quite a bit with my current lawyer and I simply don't have enough.

  • Yes, you need a lawyer who will fight for you. Even if you have to get a bank loan or whatever, it would be advisable to hire someone who will do their best for you, or else you could lose everything. You are being tested to see how much you value the people and things in your life and whether you are prepared to fight for them.

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