Dear Shuabby - what you do see?

  • Hi Shuabby,

    A while back, you told that I might have relationship potential with someone whose name starts with J or who has the initial J in his name.

    Do you still see this happening, or might there be anyone else?

    Is there anything else you can tell me about my life at present, and love and relationships and what I should be looking out for.

  • Hello Danceur,

    Love seems evasive with you are the moment. I feel that you are looking for love in wrong places and trough people that don't have a clue to what you really hold and want deep down inside of you. I get e-Harmony for you. Have you tried this connection yet?

    I got that very strong for you so please consider it. As you just may meet your mate there. If this is not an option you will consider. Than don't give up as you will find the man that you will spend the rest of your life with before summer ends is what I'm getting. There is a J in the name , either his or someone around him. He has a wonderful smile and delights in romance , so hold on to your hat as he knows how to Boot Scoot Boogie right into your heart.


  • Hate to interupt or bother the vibes but Shaubby I was wondering if you could help me with something:

  • Thanks Shuabby,

    Not into online dating unfortunately. I'm not the type to 'look' for people and I don't attend social activities much. That's why I'm wondering how I'll meet this "J".

    Yup evasive is definitely the right word. Am being given the run around by someone who didn't mean to play with my affections - but did. A pity - because we had an easy chemistry, share a few of the same interests, and he's the type of man I would have wanted to explore being with.

    J in his name or in someone elses... sounds like just about everyone?

    Have i met or know him already? How will I know?

    Is there anything in the way of a physical description? Is he big and jolly, tall slim and with glasses, of small but athletic build... Caucasian, Asian ... Anything?

    Thanks again Shuabby.

  • Danceur,

    At times spirit will give me a great discription of a person. At other times I do believe it is not for me to know at that time because that would limit the person receiveing the reading into a box, that they may not step outside of to look. You have placed yourself into a box now and have high standards about what you want and need in a man. Good to know what you want, but when it begins to really limit you and make you more alone than you should be, you need to step outside your mental box and expand and experience life and love on more levels than one.

    You ask How will I know? Believe me dear you will know from your fingers to your toes when you have met the right one. My husband on our second date wore a suit and I ask him. Is this the suit you got married in? He said yes, and I knew he had not worn that suit for over twenty years and he was ready to get married again.

    Spirit wants me to tell you Dancer to go out there and have the courage to Dance with romance until you find THE ONE FOR YOU. Make wonderful and not so wonderful memories that you can have to give you knowledge and life experience to share later with your daughter or niece or grandchildren. I hope you dance from now on and try to enjoy every minute of it.


  • Thank you so much Shuabby 🙂

    I've never meant to to limit myself. But I do know i'm only drawn to certain people... and not others. Can't help it.

    Love your story on your husband 🙂 Hope I will know. Because I've felt so strongly about 2 people in my life, one of whom is the one who's giving me the run around now. I was sure that the feeling was mutual with him, and things came together very easily with us, but somehow it just fizzled out on his side, before we had a chance to explore things.

    I trust my instincts a lot and somehow my radar is broken when it comes to love and relationships.

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