To Seehorse

  • HOLD ON Loaaaaaaap just few days and i'm back lol......hey i found a useful trick to keep zombies off your back :

  • Hey Loap.........Loap where are you ? Loap did they got you too ?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Hey SH,

    LMAO at the picture man, im still here holding them at bay just put on that indian thriller and that will keep them amused lol. Are you back from vacation yet? Its alright for some lol !!!!!!!

  • Yay you're still here lol i began to fear the zombies ate everyone over there at down under too !

    I'm back for the weekend, leave monday for the last summer vacation, be back friday afternoon (my time) and it's summer's over. But i don't mind, we'll have an exciting winter fighting the zombie hordes bahahaha

  • .Fairdinkum (thats aussie for are you serious ) How many vacations can one person have ????? lol are you sure you havent been zombiefied ?????????? Anyway Have a good one mate think of me over here freezing my butt off !!!!

    Take care love light and hugs Loap:)

  • Oh man i totally forgot it's winter now for you aussies ! And yes i think i'm somewhat zombified after all those hours in the sun my last braincells boiled lol

    The first 2 weeks we stayed at our summer house at wife's village so it came out pretty cheap, now we're going to a veru nice place a bit expensive but it's worth it. Thank god both me and my wife still have jobs, you never know what tomorrow will bring with this financial crisis, so we look to have a good time before global recession hits (or the end of the world next year bahaha) either way it seems we're doomed lol so why worry about it just have the best time we can right ?

  • Although i totally believe that 2012 thing is total crap like the 1999 stuff, some clever people are just making big bucks scaring off people.....

  • As for the Osiris/Phoenix rising prophecy, well i seem to like that one...

  • Where Osiris rises once again, walks out of the Great Pyramid and turns everyone into mummies AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mummpocalypse comes !!!

  • Hi SH,

    Im already in mummpocalypse lol !!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are enjoying yourself sunning it up , have a beer for me lol actually make it a white wine .

  • Yo.... bartendah...hic...gimme anodda drink fer my buddy Loap...hic...

  • lol Hey Sh where you at ? have you finished holidaying ? I hope you are nowhere near the fires that are happening over there thought of you today when i watched the news .

    I havent been to the ghostown lately have you caught up with our buddy IU yet? Ive been to busy in MUma zombie mode. lol

    Love , light and hugs Loap:)

  • Hey Loap summer's over for me and no fires are up north from me (for now lol) as for zombie mode hope things will warm up in general regarding forums and communication in general seems it was a time for changes for many of us....


  • Been to ghost town and the invisible user got me hahahaha

  • I love the pic , I feel that IU is hanging around here lately just watching and waiting for something to happen what do you think it could be SH?

    So glad to hear that you are nowhere near the fires .

    Do you like sHrek Sh as you are posting all these pictures of donkeys ,i just love Donkey he is my favourite character


    Love, Light and Hugs Loap:)

  • Yep love Shrek lots ! Love all anti-heros in general, have trouble with all self-proclaimed leaders also lol the eternal rebel love indians, pirates hate cowboys, navy etc my favorite ship : the Black Pearl !

  • Hey Loap do you mean IU lurks in this forum as well ?! Maybe he/she/it waits for everyone to be zombified and mah gawd the invasion begins !

  • IU wants Brains if i feel he ?she ? thinks its ridonkeylous on this site and has hightailed it back to the ghost town. Do you blame them E T phone Home .

  • BAhaha ridonkeylous luved it hey Loap just thought of it...maybe you and me are really the aliens ! How do we phone home to pick us up ?!

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