To Seehorse

  • Hi Seehorse ,

    i just wanted to invite you to join me in a conversation , thats is not lovestricken and mindless .

    I hope to hear from you soon i will go and visit the ghosttown now lol.

    Love and light Loap:)

    aka Lady Blah Blah lol


    On second thought...hey i know ! My latest addiction, Crystals ! It started with the Atlantis thread where everybody mentined them energy crystals so i made the fatal mistake of googlin'....and got instantly hooked !! Do you have any experience with them ? They're fascinating !

    Here's a picture of a chevron amethyst crystal heart.....i want it...makes my heart ache lol

  • Hey i googled "stupid names" to find a name for my imaginary cat (the one that dumped me) and came upon this :

    Weird names for Boys:



    Andrew's (note the apostrophe, as if the mother were reminding herself of who

    the father was!)

    Dwarf (I don't even want to think about that kid's childhood)

    GQ (must have been a handsome lad)

    Hey (makes it easy to call him in for dinner, Hey! Hey! HEY!)

    Knight Sir Lancelot (I'm not kidding)

    Lisa (A boy named Lisa?)

    Nadir (which means "absolute lowest point", thanks Mom.)

    Unique (15 different Uniques, and one Uneek, which when you think about it,

    makes him unique)

    bahahahahaha tomorrow i'll post the stoopid girl names

  • Hey Seehorse ,

    Have you joined in on the saonce in the ghosttown ? hey ive got a thought maybe its a invisible spammer lol .

    I love that crystal would love to put it on a chain add some diamonds and where it on the titanic .

  • hey Seehorse ,

    Its really upsetting to lose a pet i cryed for days when my dog got out and never came back sometimes animals are more loyal and true to us than any form of human companionship .

  • sorry i should have added i did get my dog back i was so lucky a kind stranger found him and rang the council who alerted me .

  • Wear it......on the Titanic ?! What for, drown in style ? bahahahaha

    hey i found a smilies site, that's ultra cool ! I found enlightenment, i know now what i want to be born my next incarnation....filthy rich rtflmao

  • why not drown in style you only die once lol cool smiley .

  • You only die every incarnation !

  • Well ive had enough of incarnations when its my time to hightail it out of here im done there is no way im coming back. ive been here to many times already and im sick and tired i just want to rest in peace .

  • How are you SH? long time no see, this place is starting to become a ghosttown as well dont you think ?

    Yes this place does need some smilies amongst other things

    In the words of my beloved BonJovi have a nice day

    Love and light Loap:)

  • I believe the Light is leaving this place Loap. But there's always the other "Ghost Town" who could really use some more members. Something is happening, a wave of change is coming. Get your surfboard out of the closet Loap who knows, it may be something exciting !

  • Always up for a surf me ,

    Its such a shame about the ghost town , how do we get others to follow us? ahhhh maybe a good dose of brain washing is in order LOL !!!!!!!

  • Hmm..there's a problem there...zombies do NOT have brains bahahaha

  • very true Seehorse i didnt think of that lol .

  • Hey Sh

    Where have you been zombapocalpyse has already started without you .

    Hey i think IU may be the leader, I hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you soon

    Love and Light LOap:)

  • Smithers, (hm?) turn on the surveillance cameras

    (Yes sir!) Hm. It's worse than I thought.

    Each morning at nine, they trickle through the gates

    They go home early, they come in late

    Reeking of cheap liquor they stumble through the day

    Never give a thought to honest work for honest pay

    I know it shouldn't vex me

    I shouldn't take it hard

    I know I should ignore their capering with a kingly disregard, but

    Look at all those idiots

    Ooh, look at all those boobs.

    An office full of morons

    A factory full of fools

    Is it any wonder that I'm singing, singing the blu-u-ues!

    They make personal phone calls,

    On company time.

    They Xerox their buttocks,

    And guess who pays the dime.

    Their blatant thievery wounds me,

    Their ingratitude astounds!

    I long to lure them to my home,

    And then release the hounds!

    I shouldn't grow unsettled

    When faced with such abuse.

    I shouldn't let it plague me,

    I shouldn't blow a fuse!

    But, look at all those idiots,

    ooh, look at all those boobs.

    An office full of morons,

    A factory fulll of fools.

    Is it any wonder that I'm singing,

    Singing the blu-u-ues.

    What happened? Where are the instruments?

    I believe they call this a breakdown, sir.

    I can't have any breakdowns here!

    What if there was an inspector around?

    Play a guitar solo.

    Oh, I'm a little out of practice, sir.

    I said do it!!! So do it!!! do it!!! do it!!!

    Yes sir.

    (Guitar Solo)

    Yes, excellent. Well done.

    All right, it's beginning to grate.

    That'll be sufficient, Smithers.

    Excuse me?

    I said that's enough!

    Oh! Sorry sir. Thought I had my mojo working.


    That man by the cooler,

    Drinking water, as if it's free.

    Oh. That's Homer Simpson, sir.

    A drone from sector 7-G.

    Yes, well, call this Simpson to my office,

    And stay to watch the fun.

    If he's 6 feet when he enters,

    He'll be two feet when I'm done.

    It brings a ray of sunshine

    To my unhappy life,

    To make him kneel before me,

    And slowly twist the knife.

    Look at all those idiots

    Ohh, look at all those boobs.

    An office full of morons,

    A factory full of fools.

    Is it any wonder, that I'm singing,

    Singing the blu-u-ues.

    Take me home, sir.

    I'm trying.

    Surrounded by idiots,

    Outnumbered by boobs.

    An office full of morons,

    A planet full of fools.

    Is it any wonder, I'm singing,

    Maybe you should be singing, sir.

    Oh. Singing the blu-u-ues.

    (Look at all those idiots.)

    Mr. Burns, you, you make Muddy Waters sound shallow and

    (An office full of morons.)

    cheerful, by comparison.

    Thank you, Smithers. Meaningless but

    (Is it any wonder.)

    heartfelt compliment.

    I feel like I got a few things off my chest,

    and onto the chests of my inferiors.

    You do .

    (Look at all those idiots.)

    Why are they still playing?


    Office full of morons.)

    They're not still on salary, are they?

    We're not validating their parking, sir.

  • 🙂

  • Hey Loap i'm on vacation enjoying the sea, sun, beach and total laziness, let zombies have their party i'll be back at and of August see ya then !

  • Hey SH,

    Enjoy your holiday , i will hold the fort while you are gone .

    Love and light Loap:)

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