Looking for a tarot card reading

  • Hi Im looking for a tarot card reading, for right now on life and relationship and such. Thank-You.

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  • What is the meaning??

  • sheppie

    I will do a quick reading for you

    I did a simple three card spread, recent past, present, near future

    Recent past - Eight of pentacles. You have been very busy on something lately, a project or some type of work that has been keeping you pretty focused. Sounds to me like something you have been using your hands on. Are you an artist? Something creative.You are or have been very absorbed in something.

    Present - King of Cups - After whatever was happening with the Eight of Pentacles, you finally pause, breathe a great big sigh, and wonder about love. After all of the activity, it sounds like you are in a place in your life where you are really asking some soul-searching questions, about a relationship? At least now you are sitting down. Time to pause. Reflect.

    Near future - Five of Swords - And something coming in which you become much more established with your own views about life. And love. So you have some depth coming to you in your own personal self-concepts of your life.

    For you, it sounds like you were very BUSY... and now PAUSING and reflecting more on your life path and the place LOVE has in that... and soon you will be ENLIGHTENED as you gain some wonderful new perspectives on your life journey. This should help you with that love issue that the King cups was so preoccupied with.

    I hope that helps!

  • Thank-You..Yes I have been very busy I am a single mom and going to school full time, while also trying to renovate my house, lots of projects going on at the same time.

    Right now Im trying to get back out into the dating world, and it scares me more than anything after being out of it for over 7 years I really miss my Ex, but feel like he has moved on is it true?


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