Help with reading

  • I would appreciate some insight into this reading, a 9 card past, present, future.

    Also, what kind of time frame am I looking at for the preent and future?




    Knight of Swords



    Wheel of Fortune



    Ace Cups


    6 Wands

    Thanks you in advance

  • mystcarrie,

    Hi, I'll see what I come up with.

    PAST - The Heirophant (tradition, the word, rule and order) combines with Strength (watch your mouth!) and the Knight of Swords (I am on a quick mission to slice through issues)... all in all it sounds like someone who has strong self-discipline, who is on a quest (for answers) and is not going to be sidetracked. Motivated and quiet sounds like this person's past.

    PRESENT - The Knight (from the past) finally runs out of steam and falls at the feet of Justice. Something happened which now requires an outside "balancing act" to step in a reset the playing field. The Wheel says that there are new energies coming in which will take you in a new direction than whatever the Knight was up to. The Hermit says its an inward journey. So a change of perspective here, and it looks like it will balance the scales at last. Freeing you to...

    FUTURE - Ace cups (look out. Something major developing love-wise. This along with the Chariot (woah Nellie! If this Ace of Love is on this chariot, it's going to be a wild ride! And the Six of wands says it all... BIG success and victory in the area of life that really matters to you. Love. The Chariot says you will be swept up into something very beautiful very soon.

    I hope that helps! Whatever this future is for you, it looks amazingly wonderful to me! Very exciting! I wish I had drawn these cards for myself!

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