Would like some insight please

  • Back over Memorial Day weekend I had a few different ocassions butterflies landing on me do not know what that means for sure had people guess at what it could mean. Also, found one dead in my car. Then about a week or so later had went to see a close family friend(ex-fiancee') and left note on his door so came back next morning because of worrying something wasn't right. Found the note still on door and his screen door was locked(same as day before unusal) so went around house yelling into the windows and banged on back door no answer.

    So I decided to call the police to check on him took them over an hour to get there and they found he had passed away. So know today I have had butterfly do the same so wondering if this means someone close to me I should be checking in with or does this mean something entirely different.

    Hope someone here could give me some insight on the meaning of these butterflies happening to me this year.

  • Butterflies don't live very long lives but they live with absolute beauty and grace even in that short time. They FLY!

    I think that's a lesson for all of us - that it's not the quantity of life that is important but the quality.

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