I need different opinions on a YES/NO spread

  • Grettings Tarot masters and Tarot students!

    I fancy a love affair with this woman I like and I laid out an YES/NO spread 2 times.

    The first time I went like: Will I convince X to make love to me using Y method ? Answer came out as an YES and the 2 possible outcomes were EXTERNAL OUTCOME -> The World, INTERNAL OUTCOME -> i don't remember :).

    I modified the wording of the question to: Will I ever make love to X person ? Answer came out as an YES, THE EXTERNAL OUTCOME -> 2 of swords, INTERNAL OUTCOME -> the devil.

    The spread used is the one on this page:

    Now, being a casual tarot user and a total beginner I'd like to hear some insight from the more experienced users. I did some online diging but I ended up quite confused.

    Care to help ? 🙂

    Thank you in advance.


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