Shuabby or captain. I'm losing my son. Pls help me

  • hi Shuabby or Captain,

    I need advice on a situation that happen last night. My boyfriend and I got home late last night found my sisters and bother in-law at my BF place really upset screaming at us and long story short, my sister kicked me out of her home(again) and now I'm apart from my 14 year old son who didn't want to leave my sisters house. On top of that, my son wants nothing to do with my BF and now not even my family agree with my BF. I woke up yesterday feeling like things were "off" not right then I found that someone broke in to my car and took my purse then all of that drama happens at night..

    I'm desperate for advice/help.

  • You can't blame your son for wanting some stability in his life. You need to fix things in your life and make them more steady and settled before he will want to return to you. Your son feels he doesn't come first with you anymore.

  • Hello sweettoty,

    There comes a time in our lives when if we have not made good choices in any area of life, BF, career, friends ect, than the universe opens the gates of reality and shows us that we need to walk another pathway of life . One in which we make more mature choices and distance ourselves from those who lead us astray. That time is now here for you.

    You have free will and a psychic can not make life choices for you only give you spiritual guidence. I truely feel that you can turn your life around and in six months from now not even want to look back at what was. Your son is a part of you and loves you , emotionally he is detacting to feel better. You will have to prove to him and mostly to yourself that you have what it takes to make your life better, step by step . Return to school, get healthy, get a job and stay with it no matter who or what comes against you. Find God and believe that he watches over you and your son. In the bible it is written: Ask and you shall receive. First you must ask and believe that you will receive in God's time and place, and also believe that you will be blessed with new people that will help you find a better way.

    You will be in my prayers,


  • Thank you both very very much Captain and Shuabby....

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