Scorpio Woman and Male Libra...ooohh la la!

  • Thanks Scopigal.... I have had Libra's in my life too, this one is the most challenging though, without complaint, I'm enjoying every moment...

    Hi Flowsco, thank you I hope your close friend is not suffering and hope is always a very good key, we never know.

    All smiles back at you Flow...take care! T'il next time...


  • oops sorry ...Scorpigal 🙂

  • I am a Scorpio woman who loves a LIbra man. He is born only 16 days before me. We both have Venus in Virgo. He is a Libra moon in Taurus, I am a Scorpio moon in Capricorn. I have never been so in love and so heart broken. I have known him since I was 12 years old and we recently met back up. He wants to go slow, I want to go fast in our relationship. We have seperated recently. I have never in my life cried so hard. I love him and he loves me. I dont know why this cant work. SO sad. He and I are so alike it is amazing. I pray it will work out as we are still on talking terms. I know we would be happy. I hope one day there will be a time for us again. I love him so much it hurts!

  • How do I get a reading?

  • Hi Roses,

    I know what you mean and this kind of combination always needs work. I am on my way out and I won't be back around here till further down the week.

    As for a reading. It depends what kind you want. Tarot cards or a compatibiltiy. For the first you can check the tarot forum and see which tarot reader (check the topics there) you feel connected with and ask them. As for compatibility reading...I would ask The Captain. So it's up to you.

    What I do want to tell you is this Libra's has a tendency to test our patience while they are figuring out what to do. Calm down and just give it time. He said slow...and yes it does go slow. Sometimes very slow but it teaches you a thing or two about yourself.

    I hope Scorpwolf drops in and she can shed some light too. I will check back later on. Good luck with the readings.


  • Hello Roses and Thank you Flow for suggesting my input.

    Roses, we as Scorpios are vibrant and Libra's feel that. Yes, we rush things and want things to go right which is often misunderstood as "our way"... Flow is right, you need to give him time, he'll come around this is where patience needs to be your best friend. Now I know it's not easy because the heart is heavy....look at it this way, his heart is heavy too, he feels and loves the intensity between you too, they often get confused and scared with it though. Reassure your Libra. Apologise if you took him out of context (since our compilation of thought is somewhat different then the rest in zodiac)...give him a chance to come to you without pressure and remember why this happen. Real love never gives up and unconditional love is patient. So with that I say to you...he came to you, for you, for a reason. You must learn from this experience and remember...we are not always right! hang in there and let your heart speak soft words...he needs it!


  • Hi dilemma, before I met my current boyfriend, there was a guy who kept coming around me and because I knew he had a girlfriend, I would simply be polite...while seeing that look in his eyes and the way he used to speak to me... I found out today that he is now single and he still has that look for me. In conversation, he asked "do you have a boyfriend? can I be yours? I would really love to run my fingers through your hair" anyhow, he was getting fresh with me. I explained to him that I have a boyfriend that I love and won't cheat on him. What do I do about this guy though....I wanted him before....aaahhhhhhhh friggin men! lolol

  • oh and he's a fine and good looking Leo! ouch

  • Hi Roses,

    I hope you got back and asked for a reading. I also hope that you are bit more calm. If you two ran into each after so long I don't think that all is lost.


  • Hi ScorpWolf,

    Gosh this retrograde is in full swing. I see so many Scorpio's kinda getting back or taking charge of their situations. And some like you getting themselves into a

    Reading what you wrote and on the date I had to shake my head. Monday I was out and I also ran into a guy that has a "torch" for me for over uhmm 25 years I think roughly and was being fresh once again. Asked me stuff like if I come to your house there anyone going to kill me? LOL. I just looked at him and pretended I didn't understand what he meant. Then he tried another angle asking me if I live near a certain relative of mines. I said that I haven't moved..fully knowing he doesn't know where I do live. Then he started to annoy me and I asked him if his lady had him living on rations(meaning if his woman was tending to him)?. He was shocked of my question and shutted up!!!! LOLLLLLL Then he said I will leave you alone because when you start like that it always end ups bad for me. I laughed.

    Now as for your mouthy mouth Leo. Uhmm girl...rebound....isn't a good place to be. Does that make sense? And you have been clear on where your heart lies so I don't see the problem unless you aren't happy.

    If that is the case then it doesn't have nothing to do with either gents but with yourself.


  • Hi Flow, I'm happy and becoming happier with my guy... he had quite an awareness of who I really am spiritually last weekend when we went to a Pow was his first he gives me so much affection and attention it's crazy ...and I'm loving it! the I love u's everyday...the kiss hello and goodbye the texts of ...hey sexy! Ya maybe the issue is all that I'm getting more settled with my guy, the single life is trying to creep up on me, I loved being single with no one to answer to..but it has it's lonely times too. And so, somehow I'm going to have to live vicariously through my single friends...cause anytime i see this "guy" my legs throb lololol anyhow... being 35 is crazy! lololol.... thanks Flow! 🙂

  • s..e..x..y!

  • Hi ScorpWolf,

    There ya So he liked the Pow Wow. That's great.

    As for the single life creeping's all retrograde at this moment. It's not all bad tho.

    I think with a couple of weeks/months if you run into this Lion your legs will ask you what the fuzz was about. LOL


  • LOLOLOL thanks Flow.... no more fuzzing! awwwww well it is what it is. What a vibrant feeling a teenage school girl hahahahaha! oh well I'm much older then that, but the little thrill was nice 😃


  • 😄 I know the feeling. Still have it now and then. And you know that song by the late Aaliyah...Age ain't nothing but a number. To me it's all about the mental state.


  • absolutely! 🙂

  • Hey girl,

    Thought about you the other day and was wondering how things are moving along?

    Did your guy had his b-day already and how did that go?


  • Hey Flow...funny I thought of you too, 2 days ago! Things are getting better, my scorpio sting has been tide down..which is good lololol Yes my man did have his b-day (thanks) and it went very well, he is very happy!

    How about you, what's new in your corner?

    Note: I've been trying to work the energy with a certain someone here in tarot and she is so closed minded as to understanding the whys and whats...omg, help me, bring some of your wisdom maybe we can help that broken heart with our heartwork! Look for help with scorpio man...or something of that sort, the profile name is barbara....something.

    Thanks Flow!


  • we have been on each other minds....good!!

    I have been extremely busy and a bit drained. Lots of events with loved ones...good and bad.

    At the moment I am bit under the weather.

    Also trying to figure out my next solid career move. Not so easy and sometimes I want to get greedy and do it all yet that is not always possible. Especially with all that is going on privately.

    I am proud of you keeping that stinger at bay!..lololol And super happy that you two are making things work. I had 3 friends having their b-day yesterday (18th) and another today (19th) and then I have some more in a few days after that a great deal of Scorpios!!! right through to the 1st of December.

    Is your little girl doing fine under the circumstances?

    I will take a look at that thread yet I must say not everyone gets it or finds it too confronting. I have in the past dealt with persons where it took a bit over two years for the message be understood. I can tell you that I gave an advice at the very beginning about a certain area in their lives that they only NOW acted upon it. Which makes me happy ofcourse but that's another story.

    Keep in touch girly,


  • Flow - I hope you feel better soon. Good energy being sent your way for fast healing...

    My daughter is doing good, I sent her a double sized box this time for her birthday Oct.26... I send a smaller one every 3mths. I spoke to her yesterday and she was exstatic about her gifts! lolol I miss her so much. As long as she is in my heart though, she is never too far.

    Yeah I'm glad you put it gently though "shed some light" it! something tells me though she just doesn't get it!


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