Scorpio Woman and Male Libra...ooohh la la!

  • Please share your story....I'm a scorpio and he is a libra....and everthing is sooo intense wow! love, sex, arguements, conversation, laughter, cooking, ....everything! Good or Bad?

  • I couldn't help but smile when I saw your ooohh la la... I understand that to the full. Libra's seems to have a way to intrigue us Scorpio's mind. No matter if it's a male or female.

    And no it's not Bad just a great challenge and fun. How long are you two together and why crash here with your question?

    I have a few Libra friends and they all are different in the way they approach life. They are upfront, passionate and very creative in general.

  • Hello Flowsco! lololol like the ooohh la la, well the story behind that one is a long one...related to my Libra, anyhow the reason why I asked is... I've always had Libra friends, boyfriends....around and yes they're all different, but it seems around me, it's always intense! Maybe it's just me... something tell me it's not though. I've been seeing my guy for 7 mths now, he has lied, he bindge drinks at least once a week. He's not a violent son likes him and my son is 18. I find him unfocused...and then when I give him tricks to making the process' shorter or getting there efficiently ...whatever the topic may be, he always turns it around on me like....had we did it his way, but we always do it his way, I hold back my suggestions and then it's oh well "you never said anything"... lack of interest? player? I really don't know anymore, and he's starting to turn me off. But then there's this other side of him that is just soooo loving and caring, and simply just majestically beautiful!....HE'S DRIVING ME NUTZZZZZZZZZ! LOLOLOL Sometimes I just want to hold him like a mother to a child and other times I just wanna pull a hard smackdown on him.... geeezzz!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry Cap! all these print screens...are not too explanatory, a few genuine words would've sufficed!...thanks anyway

  • I am a Libra, female and I myself love the Scorpio's! I was in a 12 yr relationship with one and it was intense till the end. Like any relationship it had its ups and downs but was mostly happy once we got past the hard stuff, like his bad communication skills. I think from my understanding anyway scorpio's are very intense so most things in there life are the same way. Not sure if this helps at all, if I can be any more help please let me know.

  • Thanks littej, without being too nozy...what happen? why aren't you both together? no need to answer if it's too personal. I do appreciate your words and hope that more Libra comme on this page and share...

  • Hi ScorpWolf,

    I liked your energy when I saw you writing you made me remember how I was when I ran into a Libra two years ago. Yes they are full on for us. And you trying to keep the peace...yes....I have been there.

    May I suggest (if you want) getting a compatibility reading from The Captain? She needs your date of birth and his. The rest I think you are capable yourself to deal with. 🙂 Just put up a new thread requesting for one.

    Can I put your mind at ease? Nothing that you wrote is new about the general interaction between Scorpios and Libra’s when in a romantic relationship. I have a good friend that is the opposite..she is a cusp Libra and he is a Scorpio.

    And YES they (your Libra included) turn things if they can on you when they noticed that they have been in the wrong. They don’t like (like many of us) to stand corrected and feels attacked so they attack in different ways. I once had a fall out with this Libra guy and once I cooled down I said to couldn’t be helped so I won’t bring it up and just move on. He was unaware of my decision to maintain the as soon as we sat down for a drink he thought let me attack first throw her off, so I wouldn’t have the chance to do that to him. In short confrontation of any kind isn’t their cup of tea.

    Lying hmmm I am not big on that. So I told the Libra guy the moment you decide you think it’s worth lying to me about anything you will be lying to yourself because the truth to whatever isn’t going to kept hidden for too long.

    You sound like a strong lady and he is attracted to that. He also wants to be “needed” that’s why he tends to manipulate things to go as he wants it. He debates a great deal with himself also with you. Libra’s in general are easy going with kids. And teenagers are hard to impress so yeah...he should have some good vibes that your son likes him. But the drinking he needs to find another outlet for whatever is bothering him and stop that doodoo!!

    Don’t hold back your suggestions anymore. Lay them on the table and see what happens but stand your ground when it comes to that. Anything else can be debated but not who you are.

    I understand what you mean with he is starting to turn you off. Believe me I know. Yet the question is now did you step into this too quickly? I know all about the magnetism in the beginning and enjoying the moment. Did you both just need to be with someone?

    In short what is it that you want and out of this relationship?

    **I tried very hard to stay serious in answering you yet I TOTALLY...see where you are coming from with HE'S DRIVING ME NUTZZZZZZZZZ! LOLOLOL. YEP I am still smiling also for my friend SV in the other thread. She is a darling and we know each for a while now.


    PS. That post that is in this thread was from Captain.....isn’t from the real member here on the board...that was spam. The real Captain is a lady from Australia.

  • Hello Flowsco!

    Thanks for the reminder about the typical "Scorpio&Libra" union lololol! Sometimes we tend to forget that there is absolutely some kind of resemblance in caracters!... I will use your suggestion and hoping that this is a really great match. So a week has went by already and I told him many things, such as:

    1 - The drinking has got to sllllllllloooooooowwwwwwww down, because I have goals, love me more and won't be able to see him drink everyday or whatever ...because I love him and won't stand for selfdestruction, we have great conversations and If there are lots of "things" bottering him, I got all the time in the world for him. One day at a time!

    2 - The lying part, well I told him that if he is gonna continue doing it..for one, he is only lying to himself, because it's on his conscience and heart ...not mine! I also told him that a liar is a thief! (of other people's trusting minds)

    3 - Oh yeah! I'm a strong woman, been through lots of struggles. Being part native and not always being accepted in my community...yep! Like I've said in the past to make people laugh ofcourse: If it doesn't kill me, it'll make me stronger? ok I must be Hulks' sister! lolol

    4 - and last but not least, I told him, that his mind is the first thing that turns me on about him.... keep feeding me! Y'know?!!!

    Anyhow, because we are a playful couple...and sometimes serious in conversation for understanding eachother, I think we will be just fine. He kisses me goodbye every morning, kisses me hello when I return and tells me he loves me everyday. He understands that a woman does not have to be insecure to want reassurance. I love that about him. But being me all together, he knows that if he slips up, the silent war in on baby....and he totally cringes to that so.... that's how the cookie crumbles!

    Thanks again Flowsco, I will look for you, your words are insightful and intelligent. Have a wonderful day ...

    "Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it"

  • Hi ScorpWolf,

    Glad that you cleared the air a bit. It's a start. I can only imagine that you got more to go through. Yet if he listen then he truly cares.

    I can totally relate about the mind being the turn on switch. Good that you pointed that out. Strange that they seem to forget that is what mostly gets the attention of a Scorpio in the first place. You slack in that department then we are kinda bailing out too. 😉

    Keep your funny whit about you. Humor is a gift. And all strong individuals needs someone to be vulnerable with once in while. 😉 I think strenght comes from self believe and it seems that you are okay in that department. So yes what doesn't kill you does have a habit of making you stronger..LOL

    I knew you would be okay the two of you. Just learn to be a bit more patient with him without loosing yourself in the equation. And don't get manipulated!!!

    Your welcome Hulk's sis...and don't make him cringe too much..LOL.

    Take care,


  • Aww geee thanks Flowsco! Yep you understand the intellectual challenges lololol. and Yep! my patience sometimes runs very short...but I'm still learning about that virtue bit! whatever that is! lololo I got a reading, the Captain is dead on. We are a strong couple, but we will butt heads often, because of same caracteristics, anyhow, nevertheless, thanks again! I'll go easy on him...well I'll try lolol

    You too, take care and bless your heart, hope I see you around soon!


  • Aww geee thanks Flowsco! Yep you understand the intellectual challenges lololol. and Yep! my patience sometimes runs very short...but I'm still learning about that virtue bit! whatever that is! lololo I got a reading, the Captain is dead on. We are a strong couple, but we will butt heads often, because of same caracteristics, anyhow, nevertheless, thanks again! I'll go easy on him...well I'll try lolol

    You too, take care and bless your heart, hope I see you around soon!


  • Hey girl,

    Yes I saw you got a great reading. We do have a tendency to sniff out the good ones. Well potential good ones..LOL. I think if you both keep reminding each other it's your strengths is what you like most cherish that in a good way in the future. You should print out your reading and let him read it. See what he says.

    Have a great time together and keep believing in yourself no matter what.

    You're very welcome and may the winds bring you much blessings.


  • Hi Flowsco! funny you say print out my reading and show him....yesterday he had forgotten his house keys (yes he is forgetfull...totally a male thing, no no on the multitasking in the morning or at anytime lololol) so he came to my office, I said "hey babe you should see what this wonderful star reader wrote about us, we are strong...but we need to nurture our strenght everyday so that we don't get on eachother's nerves too too much lololol) Right away he replied " ah babe, you know I don't trust those things" my reply was, well being native you really don't have much of a choice but to let me blah blah about it sometimes lololol...and of course he said "I know, I know" lololol, his intellectual side is more based on historical events and the worlds natural wonders such as: supervolcanoes, animals...

    Anyhow, in reading the reading, the Captain described our relationship almost to a "T" and so, since marriage is far from my mind, because it would have to be Iroquois tradition...and he says it would have to be Zambia's traditional way.... ahhh we might just live together t'il we always agree to disagree lolol.

    Thanks for the wind's blessing!

    Here is a prayer of Gratitude

    Oh Great Spirit, for all gifts, for me, for others, for winged ones, for finned ones, for four leggeds, for rain, for wind, for fire, for earth, for sky and for all that is, I see you.


  • Hi ScorpWolf,

    Thank you very much for that prayer. And funny?? You should know Anyhow do let him read it ...maybe when you two are chatting in bed and he is relaxed.

    Tell me about them not being able to multitask yet they always seem to be the persons to have a TON to do. shake my head

    And do tell him he doesn't need to trust those things as he calls it because there isn't nothing to mistrust they are just facts. As similar as the natural wonders.

    Then the question did they become natural wonders?.."the seed" of it all is everywhere and also in the things you can't see with the naked eyes. That's why there is so much expedition to try to understand what is obvious. Anyways..I am not going to debate here.

    Otherwise I would be joining you two to agree to disagree...LOL And three is a crowd!!! LOLOL


  • lololololol yep a TON! omg I couldn't stop laughing! That is him. yeah when he is relaxed I can talk to him about anything and everything. But afterwards, in the evening he was a little curious. He asked so is there anything else the star reader told you... jokingly I said "yeah!!! if the libra male doesn't stop putting himself on a pedestal... the scopio will get bored lololo" we both laughed and it was nice. He hasn't binged since we moved in so I'd say it's going pretty well!

    Keep it touch....

    ScorpWolf 😉

  • Heyo Flow!!!!! Check this out, what a turn around! I lost a very close uncle during the weekend, and my son and boyfriend were sympathetic on the day I found out...well the next day "Sunday" they were acting very "leave me alone" kinda way, saying it's Sunday and we're not doing anything today, it's a time to relax and no we're not helping with I left for the day, screw that energy, right! So yesterday, when I got home from work...dinner was made, clothes were cleaned and folded, my place smelt like febreeze...the cat had fresh water and someone had washed the dishes and floors! well well well..... I was floored! They apologised for their unconsiderate ways, I thank them for the work being done in the house....we ate and watched a movie, nice eh? I told them I love them both and that I was going to bed, they stayed up and were quiet. I woke up to them kissing me goodmorning and goodbye (cause they both work)...they left and a cup of coffee was ready for me! WOW WOW WOW!!! Screw McDonald's ...I'm loving this! lololol Happiness for your day as well! 🙂

  • Hi Scorpwolf,

    My experience with Libra men have been....good, great but also heartbreaking. As you know us Scorpios (at least myself) are very deep with our love. My first Libra i was with lasted 2.5 years. He still to this day (12 years later) is the only man i have the deepest intellectual connection with. As for the other Libra man i was with, we were together for 9 years. Engaged, lived together with both he and his son, that I fell in love with. We broke up on my Bday last year at my best friends wedding. My recent break up with him was the hardest thing i ever did in my life. I still think about him and his son every waking day. I am over him and have moved on, but the 1st 3 months were the darkest moments ive ever experienced in my entire life.

    In summary, I find Libra men to be very outgoing, romantic and humorous. They listen very well and are attentive to your needs. The only downside that drove me nuts between both of the Libras i dated, is that they are superficial! Sometime TOO superficial and wishy washy with almost anything. Although I had alot of fun while it lasted.....I can tell you that i will wont date another Libra man again.

    I am happy for you and wish you the best...... 🙂

  • Scorpwolf,

    A well deserve pampering on so many level. I am pleased for you. I am sorry for your lost. These are hard times for many. I have a close friend that is uncertain how things will develop. I have an idea yet I hope for a miracle.

    It's good that both your guys show you the love they have for you and aware that life can be short. Return them the favour when you can. If possible keep this going. 🙂

    All smiles here.... Flow

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