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  • Hi I just did a four card spread about our current family situation. My father in law was just diagnosed with a horrible illness and his wife (my mother in law) left him 2 days later. The drs said he can no longer be alone anymore int eh house so me and my husband had to move in. My question was basically what our future holds in the family dynamics between the 4 of us. We have also been trying to have a baby but with all of this stress am unsure about that outcome also.

    I got .....

    3 of swords (past)

    Jack of Pentacles (present)

    King of Pentacles (future)

    Queen of cups(outcome)

    Any interpretation will assist..... I have trouble reading the court cards and it seems I get them often, especially the queen of cups.


  • I have troubles with them too , its hard to tell if it is a person or what , I think in this case they could represent attitudes , perhaps your own? or of those arround you. hmmm ... yes I suck at court cards too.. but if you get them often , then first tryu to relate what does those tquestions you asked the tarot had in common , maybe thats you? Im sorry I cant be of greater hel :c but for the jacl of petacles I think that at least yoyu're foccusing in a single thing , maybe you should see the broader icture and every osibility , the question istelf was kind of ambiguous , maybe you should do multiple sprreads , one for the interaction between you all and one for the posibility of a baby? Im sorry I cant be of more help , I have little exerience :c

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  • Thanks for your reply min

    Can anyone else shed some light on all these court cards?

  • I think the court cards represent (in this spread) the three adults involved in your new family dynamics. The 3 of swords probably represents the heartache felt to varying degrees by all concerned from the immediate past. The Jack of Pentacles represents the message regarding the new circumstances and the fact that your world will be effected, especially materially, by this change. The King of Pentacles represents your father (and possibly your husband, too) as the mature men who will be impacting the situation, for good or ill. The Queen of Cups is the attitude that all of you, but especially you, will have to master in order for this new dynamic to unfold as smoothly and harmoniously as possible for the present and near future.

    I agree that you will need to do spreads continually while this situation progresses to stay on top of what is really going on. Larger spreads con be more helpful when so many people are concerned.

    Btw, you might seriously need to consider getting certified as a caregiver. It will help you master your situation with the least amount of stress to yourself and your loved ones.

    Best of everything to you. You are a good person to take your Dad in.

  • Thank you Zehava....I appreciate your interpretation.

    Also that is probably a good idea to get certified.

    Thank you again!

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