Virgo Lady & Sag Guy

  • I've come to know this guy from the internet. He's been calling me long distance everyday and has promised to meet up. Now we have know each other for about 7 months but he has not turned up as yet. Now he hardly calls but frequently leaves messages on my messenger to say that he loves me. He says he is too engaged in his work. I do love him very much and at times feel like a fool to have fallen in love with a guy that i've never met personally. He had shown himself to me over the webcam twice and I've sent my pics to him. Recently he sent me an invitation to join UNKY or something like that, there I noticed that his birth date is different then what he told me, and when i sms him juz to ask, he didn't reply. Finally, after leaving numerous messages for him, I decided to call him to check out if he is ok. He said he was perplexed as to why i am being so excited about the issue. He said that was a typing error and the date is what he has told me before. I was just annoyed with him, if it is a typo error or whatever at least reply me, say something than just keeping quiet. Being unhappy, I just wrote to him that we are unable to understand each other and I don't think we will make a loving and everlasting couple and I asked him for his opinion. Again he is silent. I feel bad saying that to him, maybe I've hurt his feelings. When ever there is a disagreement between us, he will just keep silent and i feel curious as to what is happening, it is over, or is it his style to keep silent and let time heal? It is always me, who will initiate contact with him again coz I love him too much. Ghosh I'm really confused, don't know whether there is any prospect in our long distance relationship, is he not interested, though he has called me a day before and told me that he loves me very much. Should message him to apologize for being harsh?

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