Moving in October...Will it work?

  • Shuabby,

    not a problem with the late reply. I know you're super busy and I appreciate every minute you dedicate to me 🙂

    I did just move back in with my parents. apartments were too expensive and I wasn't able to afford one on my own. I also thought it might be more economical to buy a house in a while since the market is down.

    wow, Sept. 2012 huh? I need to start saving FAST!

    I hope that what you're saying about my job front will happen. I've been struggling quite a lot money wise. I feel like it's holding me back from achieving my goals right now by moving on to the next stages in my life.

    I hate that i've put off going back to school so long, but I guess what's more important right now is making more money and improving in the job front.

    I agree that I do need to relax. I've been stressed about this move and reuniting with my Gemini man which didn't go as well as planned. I wish he would just understand that we could be good if he gave us a chance. he's scared about our future together and I can't fight for him any longer.

    my birthday just passed so i'm going to go out and celebrate this weekend so I can let loose and relax a little.

    thanks again for replying to me, Shuabby! hopefully things will start to look up soon! 🙂

  • I meant "not letting me move on to the next stages in my life"...LOL typing too fast!

  • Hey girl...did you see your b-day thread?

  • oh my goodness! I just saw it! thank you for pointing it out Flow! ugh. I need to pay more attention! I can't believe there was so much love for me and I completely ignored it! I'm so sorry!!! 😞

  • problem girl.

    I rounded up the gang for you as much I could. I thought you needed the extra boost since so much has been happening in your life aswell.

    Talk later...going out to celebrate with my son. His b-day today!! 17!! Time does fly. LOL

  • oh wow! happy birthday to him!! 🙂

  • Hi SV,

    Sorry I took so long to get back to you. It's been crazy busy here making me so sooo tired. That I crash regularly on my couch ignoring the computer.

    You know girl...I remember pointing out to you that you are growing as a person and I commend you for that. Not backing off but head on. know me..I also am for backing off with grace (on occasions) for an amount of time.

    I know that Gem. is still full on your mind and if you had a magic wand you would set things right yet that is not what is for you at the moment. I told you that months ago. You are in no position to fix his dilemma's ...he has to do this on his own. You shouldn't be there as the safety net for when he might fall.

    Who is going to catch you when you have a tumble? Him?? Not in the way you would like this all hurts you even more. Not his fault...understand?! Mind you I haven't ever told you to forget him all together...I said he could be a great friend for the time being since his life is all over the place.

    IF you try to force any of it would be creating one of the biggest emotional tornado's you will ever be into. And I don't think that is what you are aiming for in your life.

    The gang is here for you eventhough we all are very busy and emotionally all over the place yet we will be here for you. Everyone has grown so much and changes has entered everyones lives ...I am proud of them all.

    Shuabby came back and gave you a great and positive insight for your future. Embrace it.

    Talk soon,


  • PS. Thanks for the congrats

  • thanks Flow. I needed to hear that today. I'm a little extra down today. I yo-yo so much with my emotions sometimes. I get irritated with myself! lol...

    hope you're doing well. I've been a little busy this week, but my Gem is definitely still in my mind. I had a dream with him last night...sigh....

  • Hey SV,

    Your always welcome. The down feeling is having it's fun for a couple of weeks with everyone..making everything much more intense.

    Yet I think the yo-yoing has to do with your Libra side.

    How is it going now that you are back "home"?

    I am okay today. Took some time to rest these two days. Have been running all over the place with appointments and other stuff. Also trying to catch up with my correspondance etc.

    Yeah my dreams have been pretty vivid lately and some of them funny too. Only thing annoys me is that I forget most of it by the time I am truly awake..ugh. I am considering to get a notepad to write as soon I open one Lets hope I can read my handwriting when I am up!! LOL

    Your dream with Gem could just be the fact that you went to bed with him on your mind.

    I am going to tell you the same thing I told Katie....find something of your own to sink in your teeth into. Get that brains of your occupied.

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