Moving in October...Will it work?

  • Hello,

    my lease will be up in October and my roommate has decided she wants to move back in with her parents so I will have to find a place on my own or do the same as she is doing and move back in with my parents as well. just looking for some insight as to if I'll find a good apartment for a good price or if I'll have to move back in with my parents.

    financially, it's going to be a little more difficult to get a place on my own since rent prices are only going up, but I feel like I really need to stay out on my own and learn independence.

    I'm also hoping that I'll have better neighbors that we currently do. the neighbors upstairs are unbelievably noisy and it's been months since I've had a good nights sleep.

    would anyone be able to let me know what my future looks like?

    thanks in advance!

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  • ScorpVirgo,

    I'm a clairvoyant reader here on this site and will touch into spirit and gave you answers.

    I feel that you will find a new smaller apartment in a fairly new community. I hear Green in the name of the community. Most apt living is a bit noisy as they do not installate well these days. A downstairs unit would be quieter for you. I see that this community has blossuming flower bushes in the colors of pink and white. Very nice. Also when you move you will meet a man that lives in that community that will become important in your life. I hear the name of Allen with this either his name or someone around him with the name. You will be proud of what you have done in terms of becoming more independent and your parents will be happy too.


  • thank you SO MUCH Shuabby! wow, so hopefully with your reading this move will go well. yes, I have to agree that most apartments are not built correctly and allow for a lot of noise pollution because of the thin walls/ceilings/floors. I'll have to let you know the name of the community name when I do move. It'll be super exciting to see if it has the word "green" in it! 🙂

    could I get some more insight as to the significance of the person with the name Allen? is this someone who I'm going to get involved with or is it someone who's just going to be significant as in someone who becomes a close friend?

    more than anything else, I'm glad that my parents will be happy and proud of me. that makes me very settled at heart. their approval means a lot to me. 🙂

  • ScorpVirgo

    The man I received with the name of Allen feels that he will be a friend first , he may lead you to another man that feels more intimate, one of his friends. He will be a book worm type of person (Allen) and rather closed off emotionally where affairs of the heart are concerned as he was not loved as a child and does not have the tools to know how to give love on certain levels. Friendship is his best forte, enjoy it.


  • thank you again Shuabby! I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to get back with you but it's been a little crazy for me and I'm going out of town tomorrow! lol

    I just have one more question, I know you're super busy.

    In a reading you did for me a few months back, you said that I should stick with the job that I have currently instead of looking for another one. however, it's going to put a very large strain on me if I don't start making more money to afford to live on my own in an apt. without a roommate. Please let me know what my outlook is for my current position, or if you see anything else in the future for me.

    thanks again Shuabby. I hope youre doing well! 🙂

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  • Hi Shuabby! hope you're doing well! I still haven't found an apartment to move into and my lease ends at the end of October. I've been super stressed about this move and I'm not sure which direction to go to.

    on one hand, I want to move into an apartment and have my independence. on the other hand, if i move back home, I can save money to buy a house and not throw my money away on rent for an apartment.

    I'm also considering going back to school, although I'm looking for a higher paying job at the moment as well.

    I'm totally in the crossroad in my life right now and any insight would be helpful. I'm unbelievably confused and I'm not sleeping right at night either.

    Please, if you read this, could I get some help with what my future holds?

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  • Hi hun,

    If Shuaby doesn't come back to answer you soon you can try and ask a reading from AstraAngel or anyone else.

    Take care and have faith.


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  • Hey Flow! Miss you! I replied to the other thread as well, if you read it. 🙂

    hope you're doing ok! I'm in and out of the forums(I disappear for weeks and then come back). I'm super stressed about this move and job and family stuff. Just trying to get everything in motion! LOL. life is good otherwise.

  • Hi pumpkin,

    How are things moving along right now? Any leads? BTW did you tell Kel that you are searching for an apartment?!?...perhaps he have some ideas.

    Yes I read the other thread and commented but I think it (the thread) will move a bit more along when Katie gets back home.

    Keep your head up high girl and smile.

    Hugs, Flow.

  • ooooo...flowww! I like your new icon!! things are going ok. I've been in and out a little. been dating some, not raelly serious, lol. I wasn't able to find a place, and decided to move back in with my parents so that I can look for property to invest into/buy. the market here is pretty stable in comparison to the rest of the country so I think right now is the best time to invest. especially with the interest rates are pretty low too! I'm going to move back in with my parents and save money for a down payment and then hopefully be able to find something within the year. here's to hoping!

    how is everything going with you? good I hope?

    I messaged Kel about 4-5 days ago. I think he's super busy too but he's in a different state than I am, and we're very far apart! lol

    anyway, it's good to hear from you! talk to you soon!

  • LOL...thanks ....I liked it (icon) when I saw it and it's called yeah...I had to have it here.

    It's a shame that you can't stay on your own yet perhaps you moving back allows you to tackle that other item that has been bothering you for a while now. I hope you can save up for a nice home for yourself. And yes here is to hoping ...I have faith in it's your turn in yourself. mwuah

    How things going with me? Uhmm at the moment under the weather. Been in bed for a few days now and slowly getting out of it. Friend is very sick so I am assisting her and her family with all sorts but it's pretty intense. Singing is on hold for now and I have started swimming some more. I am also attempting blogging in my field of work's a challenge not to put very personal opinions out there. I had someone look at some drafts and I got back mixed responses. When I can focus on that I will pick it up and fine tune. I haven't been dating yet my heart is still attached. 😉 I just choose to focus on other things right now giving them some space of their own.

    Kel tried selling his place but it didn't work out so he has taken it off the market and decided to make it their new home together. I was surprised that it didn't sell because I agree with you that the market has stablized a great deal the last couple of months.

    And yes Kel is super busy...seems to be everybody's tune lately.

    I am going to finish up reading response and then get back to bed. Talk soon hun.

  • Hi hun,

    I hope your move was good and that you are settled now.

    I started a little party for you ...I hope you get to see it on your day itself.

    Talk soon,


  • Dear ScorpVirgo

    Just found your question.

    I read that you have moved back home and that is a postive move is what I am receiving for you. Buying a house is possible also , I feel that you will do this in Sept of 2012 which will be the best time for you to do so moneywise, as you will be settled more into a better paying job in which you will find in the next six months. I feel that you will interview three times before taking the job and this will be with two different companies. I see a large A with one company and a G with the other one.

    There will be a lot of brown in one office you interview in and this one is the one that will call you back for a 2nd interview.

    Going back to school is an option and I sense that you will do so but not as fast as you would like to. You need to relax is what I get. Go out with friends and forget your worries for a day or two. Rest is also here that is needed by you.

    Your future looks good to me as I get a bright yellow color coming into view here. Hang in there because the sun will be shining brightly in your life in 2012.


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