Any one up for the challenge of giving me a reading?

  • I would love for someone to give me a reading. A general reading would be fine. 5/4/62 @ 8:42am

  • Giving this a go, this is what I got. I hope it helps 😃

    You now/heart of the matter – King of cups

    Challenge/blockage – Five of Coins

    Conscious goal – Temperance

    Unknown influence – Nine of Cups

    Past influence – Eight of Wands

    Approaching influence – Eight of Coins

    Inner resource or talent – Six of Cups

    How others see you – Ten of Coins

    Hopes and/or fears – The Emperor

    Outcome – Seven of Wands

    Summing up these cards this is what I got.

    You are in a sense of chaos, or pain. To you the life you live seems out of order, off the track. But you are so lost in this pain you cannot find freedom. The people around you find your life to be a rather enjoyable one, or at least one where you should not be suffering the pain you feel. You have a wave of positivity hidden in your life, the question is if you can see it or not. You will soon widen your view on life, let that natural kind quality in you grow more. And you both hope for power in your life and fear it at the same time. But the end result is you must face your problem, which in this case seems to be yourself.

  • Thanks! Ok, anyone else?

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  • Hi, I be back tomorrow, will do a general reading for you.

  • Thanks...can't wait!

  • This reading is challenging. First, I get 2 influences (people). In your present situation I get a immature/young influence that might be denying feelings for someone. There's an attraction for someone. I believe this younger influence is influencing your decision making. Maybe you haven't always made the right decisions. In fact, I feel in past you may have had a missed opportunity/may be mad at yourself. Also, critical point in past where some traumatic event happened possible break-up. There's a lot of creativity, expression in your reading. I feel this is coming from you. If you are thinking of starting a new project, job etc. you are being pointed in that direction. Positive outcome in this regard. There is an authority figure in your reading especially in the future. This is the other person I feel in your reading. Your present situation points to a creative potential. This authority figure may be a critic of what your doing at present. May represent a good critic instead of critical. As much as you want to venture out at this point, your reading is pointing to possible joining/submission in future. You may be seeking answer to questions. Your future looks good and bad. Your environment isn't favorable. I don't know if it's a possible break-up looming or worries your experiencing but seems to be in environment. There's a lot of verbal dominance. I feel what you want most is someone who loves and appreciates you. You, I feel, are creative, imaginative and in the process of something transforming. There's also a feeling of wait and see that I'm getting. Like I said there's something not right about the environment that is going to cause stress/emotional. There's also a drive pushing you ahead in a creative way. Let me know if you relate.

  • Daliolite...sorry this is the first chance I had to respond. Do I relate you ask...well no, not really. Right now I am in the best place that I have ever been. I don't really understand the part about my home environment, my job, my neighborhood? Could you elaborate further on the whole reading? Now for the job part I just today learned that there is an opening in my company and I would like to apply for that position. Is that what you meant by positive outcome?

  • I'm glad to hear that everything's ok. The environment was in the future things to come, on the right hand side of the celtic cross. The best guidance is to know a little bit of situation, anyway. I'm curious as to what sort of work you do as your reading contained a lot of rods (creativity) and swords (words, communication.) It showed a lot of movement. The best time IS right now. Be cautious as you move ahead. Your environment showed possible emotional upset over several different causes. I can't pinpoint. Yes, the job situation as it stands looks very positive right now. I can't tell you what the environment is just to be cautious, why were you seeking a reading, was there a question to be answered. If I knew the question may help.

  • Well I really just wanted a general reading at first...but now you have my curiosity up!! I am a administrative assistant for a very large corporation. New jobs around there are very few and far between nowadays. I have survived through quite a few downsizing's and ended up part time..I would like to get back to a full time job there. I have tried previously and each time they picked someone else for the job. : ( Part of me doesn't even want to apply because of the previous outcomes. But I will!!!

    And creative I am

  • Your reading may be calling you to more creative work. Everything is downsizing. The authority figure I drew in future is probably this corp. that you're working for as there was submission right next to it. I didn't keep your reading but remember the Hierophant being next to Page of Swords. The Hierophant was in near future. I stick by my 1st post. Be cautious in present situation, don't want to scare you. I know what you mean by few and far between. The Dallas Classifieds was at one time full of jobs--not the case anymore.

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