Shuabby could you please provide some insight/advice

  • I was dating an Aries man (26 Mar 77) for close to 12 months, whilst we experiencing some comminication difficulties he sort help an advice from a Cancer woman (30 Jun 79), he ended up leaving me for the Cancer woman. All that I have read about a Cancer/Aries relationship's is that they are not a good union. The break up was not nasty, he has chatted with me intermitantly & I have let him have his space, whilst quietly hoping that he will return to me.

    I am a Libra woman (3 Oct 70), & whilst I know that a union with an Aries Man can be difficult, I can not seem to let go of my feelings for him. Is there a chance that he will return to me? We are meeting tomorrow night, for an outing, how should I deal with this outing.

    Please Shuabby, your advice at this stage would be really appreciated.

  • Also I often wonder when he does contact me he always ask's if I am well, Does he ask this because her actually cares or is he just trying to ease his guilt for leaving me when I was going thhrough very difficult time? He does not know thatt I know about the Cancer Woman, I have not mentioned it or reacted to it in front of him.

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