Whys my life so crap :'(

  • Nothings gone right for me the past few years, and i know i'm only young but i actually can't see myself ever being happy, i didn't have the best up bringing regards as money, and saw some things i shouldn't of....but my mother brought me up the best she could, my mother and father are seperated due to the fact he wanted to furfill his dreams flying helicopters, I just feel like such a negative person, I don't really have anything going for me and it's like the more i try, the more i get knocked back...i took an overdose a few months back cause of how depressed i was with everything, boys seem to make me weak....I seem to run away from everything to do with my life cause i've got to the point im too insecure and unconfident to do anything anymore...i just need some insight really on where my life is actually going....and what i need to get where i wan't to be...succesfull and happy my birth date is 13/09/1993

  • hello AngelGirll,

    I've done an animal medicine spread for you. This is what I got:

    Past. Wolf (reversed)

    You haven't been learning your lessons. Particularly when it comes to men. As such you've become stuck in a rut, unable to find a path through life. You need to take a look at every experience you've had - positive and negative - and ask yourself what lesson can you learn from it. Try not to blame yourself, but at the same time don't dismiss certain things as nothing to do with you.

    Present. Raven (reversed)

    Again this is you stuck in a rut. You've lost your faith in life, in the Universe, in yourself. You simply don't believe in yourself anymore. Dare to dream again AngelGirll. Find that one thing that you can believe in and build it from there. Start small if you have to. Also seek out some professional help to cleanse you of all this "smoke" you carry around in you. Counselling/Reiki/crystal therapy are all good choices - especially counselling. Use sage incense to clear your rooms, especially the ones you spend most time in.

    Future. Lizard

    Dream. And pay attention to your dreams. You are highly intuitive AngelGirll. Decide what you want out of life then dream about them. You will find the answers you seek and the path to making your dreams a reality. Again, believe and trust in yourself.

    Lesson/challenge currently moving through your life. Bear.

    It's time to start taking care of yourself. Again the message is to decide what you want, stop being so critical of yourself and of life, and start to believe again. Yes, life can and does suck at times, but it can also be very sweet. You've been through the rough patch, now you get to experience life's "honey". To do this, "hibernate". Meditate, dream, and/or do anything to quiet the mind and search for the answers within you. Again, dreaming is a great way for you to access this inner wisdom you carry within you.

    Lesson/challenge completed. Wild Boar (reversed)

    Contrary to the positional meaning, this card tells you that you haven't confronted your demons. You haven't conquered your fears, and again you haven't learned your lessons. Don't be ashamed of this. What you've been through at your young age is more than many go through in a lifetime. The important thing to accept is that you must not continually run away from your past.

    What's working for you. Prairie Dog (reversed)

    In some ways you've begun to accept this fact - that you can no longer run away from your past. You can no longer just retreat from it all. The other message of this card is that you are worrying too much. Let go AngelGirll. You have the power and wisdom to overcome your past hurts and to get what you want. Take it slowly, and take it easy - one step at a time and you will get to where you want to be. Where you deserve to be.

    What's working against you. Lynx

    Keeping things a secret, keeping them bottled up inside is never a good thing. It's time to open up. talk about your issues, your hurts, and your pain. Again I recommend a counsellor.

    I know you have a strong intuitive sense. Trust this, it will never lead you wrong. You are a strong young woman AngelGirll, you can and will find your way through this. Be open to the process. Don't be afraid of asking for help when you need it and above all else, believe in yourself.

    Much love & light to you,


  • Thank you Marc, This isvery accurate...I currently started with my past today, I told my father a few homes truths, I'm currently heart broken as he may never speak to me again, we are in touch over facebook, I sent him a message last night and earlier today on everything he's done thats hurt me, he's never been there and it's too late for him to be trying to boss me around, I checked earlier....He's now blocked me, I couldn't keep that pain bottled up anymore and as im nearly 18, I'm not the little girl I used to me and wan't to start being counted for, Alot of my men issues come from my childhood and I'm still try to concour the issues I have with trust and being able to give and recieve love, I hope I'm on the right path, Im starting college in september and I wonderd if you could give me some insight into me getting a job anytime soon to mix in with this?

    Thankyou so far

    Jess xoxoxoxox

  • *be

  • You are on the right path AngelGirll. You're establishing your boundaries, which is why your father has reacted the way he has. The saying "the truth hurts" is very apt here. I wouldn't worry too much over him, you've given him something of a wake up call. The two of you will have contact again.

    I do feel that you will be working soon. Possibly at a shop/store. It's not something you are really interested in doing, but you'll do it to support your college studies. There is a definite link between work & college. Keep an eye out for job opportunities at college or through the college. You may find a job being advertised on a notice board for example.

  • AngelGirll,

    I came across this threat and I could feel your hurt ..... you are young, hurt and confused but just try to change your verbage and frame of mind ...... Life at times sucks ~ absolutely no argument here "been there ~ done that" and then some. You found this site for a reason ~ there are wonderful spirits here that can help, advice and guide you along the way to learn and recognize WHO you truly are instead of what has been put in your head by "other well meaning people" aka parents, teachers, society etc. They all are and have been struggling to find their OWN way using the tools they have been given.

    There is a link here called "Spiritual BootCamp" started by TheCaptain ~ please check it out. The work at times is not easy but in order to get down to the "root" and "core" of YOU to find the "authentic YOU" ~ things will come up within you, ugly and hurtful things at times but the more we ignore them or "put a bandade" over them the MORE they will come back to haunt us later .... I was taught to make peace with them and where I am at any given moment and then just let it go.

    The Captain is amazing ...... ask them for advice or insights.

    If you need to "share" or just shoot the breeze, cry, scream or let it out ..... I am here for you!!

    Love and Light,


  • PisceanHealer,

    YOU have wonderful Insights ~ very gentle yet direct ..... I like the way you responded ..... very caring ...... Something brought me to you ..... and as my friend stated there are no coincidences ... so here I am ...... Would you mind doing a reading for me? and please if you don't mind teach me what your sign is all about as that is the sign my daughter was born under and we have been estranged since she was 5 years old. Any Insights from you would be much appreciated. My DOB 01-16-1959. Her DOB is 03-20-1982.

    Love and Light,


  • extrodinary reading for angelgirl PH

    what is animal medicine reading? are they like animal totems? very courious

  • Animal medicine is a Native American tradition. Essentially the belief is that animals have lessons for us. That we need to apply these lessons in our life to heal ourselves. Animal totems are very much a part of it. We each have one or more animal totems that act as our own personal medicine or guide(s).

    ME; no problem. Can you start a new thread please? I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

  • Regarding Pisceans; have a browse through this thread, it will answer a lot of your questions:


  • Thank you PisceanHealer and MysticalEnergy, You have made me feel much better about the situation and it's helping me to start believeing in myself again, I hope things do improve soon, I will check out that spirtual Bootcamp, once again Thank You xoxoxox

    Love Jess

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