Hlep with Celtic Cross Reading

  • I just completed a Celtic Cross spread. I needed help deciding on whether or not to go ahead with renovations I have plans for my summer rental property. The renovations would give my husband and I a place to retire to, while still having ghe advantage to rent 2 apts. My spread was as follows:

    Higher Power-The Devil

    Near Future-King of Wands

    Blocks/Inhibitions-Five of Coins

    Allies-King of Swords

    Advice-Page of Swords

    Long Term Potential-Hanged Man

    Self-High Priestess

    Situation-The World

    Challenges/Opportunities-Ace of Wands

    Foundation-Eight of Cups

    Recent Past-The Lovers

    The spread seemed to me, to be contradictory. I am probable not interpreting it right.

    Any help will be grealy appreciated.

    Thank You

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