Help! lol

  • I have misplaced a 1994 Nissan Sentra car sold the car and am wondering if anyone can see the title about. I've searched high and low. Thank you!

  • My guess is burried in a drawer that does not have much paper items but is underneath things that are not usually stored with paper work--but don't knock yourself out looking--you do not need it to sell the car--a trip to the tag title office with proper ID will be enough to transfer as they have all records on computer and it has to be transfered anyway--the trip with the buyer may be less trouble then looking. Also, losing something that requires tearing apart the house often has a secret agenda. You may find other important forgotten items or it is a call to purge and organize. Either way I feel all will be solved by tomorrow. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Blmoon, I came across many reminders, and the search did turn out to be the more important thing. Thank you for responding. Have a wonderful evening.

  • Do you play games w/your memory sometimes. Did you say to yourself, I'm going to put this where I won't ever forget--and forget. Look in wierd places. My other guess is that you put it next to or somewhere around where your legal or car papers are. Maybe it fell behind something. I get the behind something like in hiding.

  • it turns out...interesting too....I kept seeing it in a black portfolio...the last thing I dug out after going through the rest of the house. There was a copy of title for the same make of car, 10 yrs earlier model that i hadnt even remembered

    When I went to renew the tags so the buying party could drive it legally the lady said....there's a lien on this title. I cant order a duplicate. Do you have the title?

    I said....well I looked ALL over the place and couldnt find it!!!!

    She said...The state still has it....they bank will need to give you a lien release before you can get the title.

    I paid the car off in didnt know I needed the release. The bank had changed names...but I was still able to recieve the lien release.

    You were both right...the copy of the title I did have was in the black portfolio , behind and hiding under clothes in my not the usual place for

    Thank you for your help...huggins


    NO WONDER I couldnt find it!! I thought I was losing my

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