Unique apt layout

  • So, I've been wondering lately: is it bad to have two doorways on different walls leading into the bedroom? I have an entrance directly from the hallway, and an entrace directly from the living room. At night, I close these while sleeping, but during the day I leave both open for proper air-flow. Also, this room has many windows and is oddly situated at the front of the house. I live in an upstairs duplex. The second bedroom is in the back, which is bigger, with one entrace, opens up in front of my main door, so that's odd, and also the heating and air units are in there so it's not quiet. Ironically, the bedroom in the front is the most private, cosy, and quiet of all the rooms, so that's why I use it. I've moved alot over the past several years and have thought that even though this place isn't layed out traditionally that what's important now is to cultivate some stabilty rather than continue to move searching for that perfect spot. I'm a bit indecisive with all this. My main door is downstairs which leads to a foyer, then I have stairs up to my apt door. All private. Comments very welcome!

  • Anyone?

  • Guess no one has ever come across this. Very disappointed.

  • Bump (just wanted to help you out) 🙂

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