Cancer & Aries - Captain can you give guidance

  • Could you provide an insight into the relationship Aries Man DOB 23 Mar 1977 & Cancer Woman DOB 30 Jun 1979. Will it work out. You advice would be very much appreciated.

  • Many Cancer women with this particular profile are very aggressive types who need to call the shots but, if this woman pushes in this direction in the relationship, it is unlikely that the man will be able to assume a passive role for long. A love affair here only works if the man can take the lead while the woman hangs back, letting go of control. In that case however, the man's outspoken direct nature may wound the ultra-sensitive woman, driving a wedge between them. While the outlook for the success of this relationship is not good, the man and woman do share traits of deep emotion and sensitivity, which may enable them to preceive the lessons necessary for the relationship to grow. Mutual protection, security and moneymaking figure prominently here. Despite these common goals and bonds of feeling, however, the relationship may also involve a lack of awareness that prevents it from attaining real emotional depth. If confronted by problems, whether from the inside or the outside, this lack of consciousness will leave it open to psychological trauma and strife, and ultimately will most likely break it apart.

  • Thank you Captain for your insight, I ask this as The Aries was my partner for near on twelve months, he left me like the drop of a hat for this Cancer woman. All that I have read has said that this is not a good union. So I have given him space, but hoped with all my heart that he will return to me. Is there a chance of that? My DOB is 3 Oct 70.

  • Also we are meeting up this Friday to go to the movies, & I am not sure how to play it, I have read countless articles on allowing the Aries to be the pursurer. I am hoping his relationship with the Cancer has burn't out & that we would be able to start fresh again. So your insight is appreciated.

  • Problems can arise in your relationship with your ex when the easy relaxed and pleasure-oriented nature of it becomes stagnant and lacks any firm direction. You tend to give a lot in relationships, Bellablu, and need to be needed. Should your man come back to you (and if you could ever trust him completely again), you must be careful not to become too dependent on satisfying or pleasing him. You will have suffered more than he did over your breakup so consider that when you wonder whether to take up with him again. He was able to leave much too easily so he may do the same again if he feels you are stifling him, ignoring his needs, or tying him down too much. He is quite selfish in satisfying his own needs and may ignore you for long periods even if you get back together again. He may even get involved with someone else again. You tend to be long-suffering and your self-hurtful tendencies may emerge during these times of trouble. Your ex has a crying need to know himself on a deep level and you can be very helpful in this respect, since you make a good counsellor and would be ready to lend him a sympathetic ear. But he can be quite exasperating in falling back into old habits and you may become increasingly impatient with such bad behaviour over time.

  • Thank you Captain, your insight has been helpful. Do you think there is a chance that we could reunite, I have been asking the spirit guides to help me to reunite with this Aries Man, & have done alot of research into the Aries character, alot of it seems to match him to a tee. I know that I would have to decide as to whether I would give this relationship another try in the long run.

  • Why would you take back someone who has betrayed you once and who will probably do it again if you take him back?

  • I am always had strong feelings for this Aries man, & hope that now I have a better understanding of his Aries traits that I can work with him & not against them that was the issue between us. If that makes sense.

  • Hmm, not sure how you can deal with his issue of wanting to be with other women. I hope you are not going to give him everything he wants in order to try and keep him (and sacrifice your own dignity and self-respect), because it won't work. No matter how good you make it at home, if this guy wants variety in relationships, he will take it.

  • Hi Captain, I have no plans to sacrifice my dignity or self respect, the Aries man did no cheat on me with the Cancer Woman, we had broken up before he started anything with her. But I am seeing him tonight, & I would like some insight into what to expect, yes I still have deep feelings for him, yes I would like to try again with him. I am trying to work out if there is a chance that he would like to try again as well, if he would want that I would have to think about it & talk it through with him.

  • And yet you said in an earlier post - "he left me like the drop of a hat for this Cancer woman". I think you do feel betrayed, even though you had broken up - you must be honest with yourself about your feelings if you want to get on top of the situation.

  • Yes I feel betrayed, as anyone would, the betrayal is more about her being the person he sort advice from, I wonder if she provide him advice to suit herself or honestly advise him about our relationship, but still have deep feeling for him, all I am asking is " is there a chance that we will come back together", we did not have a asty break up, there were no ill words, & we still chat/text to each other.

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