Can someone give me a tarot reading?

  • That would be awesome!


  • if the offers still open, i will... 🙂


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  • Hello there,

    Yes the offer is very much welcome! Sorry, I havent gotten back sooner, as I was out of town.

    I'd like a basic love reading, to see what's in store.

    You may post it here if that's more convenient for you.


  • Hi piscesmoonshine

    I'll take shot at a reading for you!

    Celtic cross

    1 - the self - you at the time of this reading

    THE WORLD - you are looking at a big, big world and wondering amongst so many, where is my love! Not to worry, the Universe always knows exactly who is right, and when they should appear!

    2 - the present environment

    THE LOVERS - Wow! There is definitely love in the air around you! The lovers tells me the "atmosphere" around you is highly charged with magnetism for love, so watch it. You are carrying that atmosphere with you wherever you go and will project attraction. Nice!

    3 - immediate obstacle

    FIVE OF WANDS - Something here you have to accept and embrace to continue your journey. It sounds like some scuffling on some level. Perhaps some game play with someone you know or is close to you. It sounds to me that you are encouraged to accept this present situation for your own good and keep a positive attitude towards love and you will progress fine.

    4 - hopes and dreams

    EIGHT OF SWORDS - My first thought here is a "damsel in distress". Either you feel that way (and are waiting for a rescuer) or you are wanting to play that role out. Either way, the motive is pure and beautiful. Really, your role is an awakener I believe for someone else in this condition. Almost like you are wanting to awaken love in someone else, someone you know. There is a great mystery here, if I were doing this reading for you as a friend, I would immediately want to dig into this card more. Some real insights here for you, jewels.

    5 - difficulties in the past

    KING OF WANDS - a relationship from your past that you are still dealing with? Something strong, a figure who you depended upon? Some good lessons were learned. A person from the past in any case that figures significantly in your love question.

    6 - last of the present

    TWO OF CUPS - have you recently been in a relationship that is in limbo now? Was this the KING we see above? A recent love of some sort that

    7 - first of the future

    TEN OF CUPS - well this says a lot, very powerful long term relationship energies here. Family, children, the whole enchilada. Is that what you want? You are attracting that. Something that has you spanning time in a relationship, perhaps a mentor who you become very, very close with.

    8 - future environment

    PAGE OF PENTACLES - a message, written. Your future environment sounds like there is some very healthy communication going on, this Page is stable and trustworthy. Communication skills factor strong here.

    9 - outer influences

    This is how others see you, and this path for you.

    NINE OF PENTACLES - It sounds like others around you are rooting for you. You have a very supportive circle of friends or family who are encouraging you. This love sounds like something they like too!

    10 - hope and fear

    FOUR OF PENTACLES - Material security issues. This is a very strong card that portends material security, a home, a base of confidence. You hope this love fortune will carry over into the material realm also? I have good news, it will.

    11 - outcome

    TEN OF PENTACLES - the creation of your own family. A very broad perspective is reached where you are developing your disks for security for your (new) family. This card carries the feeling of a legacy being continued in love.

    This sounds to me like you definitely have a beautiful love entering, very soon because of that ten of cups in the near future position. If I were to guess it sounds like you might be working through re-evaluating your approach to love. And you are trying to be very open a new relationship, something different than the King Wands gave you from the past.

    It can also be that there is someone now you have some connection with (TWO CUPS) and that situation is about to blossom into something much more permanent. TEN CUPS.

    I found it very telling that we received all PENTACLES in positions 8-11. So the material side of life (and that connection with your love life) is very strong. I say you have something coming that will be a liberating love and also will be providing some powerful material benefits as well.

    Peace and blessings!

  • Oh my goodness! this reading hit the nail right on the head! you are an amazing reader and very insightful! The 'attracting' love is a huge deal for me because of my vision board i created a month or so ago. yes, there was a relationship that was in limbo. and im not sure if he will come back into my life or not.

    the re-evaluation of my approach to love is SPOT on as i am working through fear of emotional intimacy!

    i am so shocked at this reading and feel it is very accurate for me. i am printing this out and am going to reflect on it and hopefully make those changes needed to progress in my path to love.

    thank you sooooo much for your time, reading, and explanations of the cards. you are very precise and made it to where i can understand and grow from this reading.

    many blessings to you, my friend!


  • Hi all,

    Sorry to interupt ,on your thread Piscesmoonshine ,AstraAngel that was an amazing reading totally awesome, i was wondering the celtic cross you used is there a particular name for that spread ?as ive never seen one with 11 cards before .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hello..I hope you're having a lovely day!!

    Would you please give me a reading? If you're too busy I understand.

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