Deep reading about my friend.

  • I have a friend I dearly love.

    Him and his g.f. have been together for many years. He has severe depression since 2002.

    She has helped him since then. He once told me he wanted to leave her for someone else but could find the strength because they've been together so long and she is the only one who's been there for him! I wonder if he only with her because no one else has given him emotional support and she has always been there for him.

    Wha do the cards say:

    why does m love her? Tower, King of Cups

    with her because of his depression? Hermit, 3 of Swords

    prefer to be with someone else? 6 Wands, Emperor

    wants to marry her? Empress, Three of Wands

    yes he loves her but I wonder about the Tower card? i need help on these two!

    hermit could be him, with the threee of swords, could represent his depression. i would say yes to this question.

    6 of wands to me suggests he would have higher self-esteem and more successful without her with the emperor adds stability and security.

    Yes he wants to marry her, empress is loving and nurturing while the three of wands suggest peace and no more worries.

  • just realized I asked 'why he loves her' not 'does he love her'

    i would say he loves her because during times of crisis (tower) she's always been there to love him (king of cups)

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