Thecaptian, poping in once again to see you =)

  • Thecaptian, I just want to first say I think you are an amazing person. I have been so impressed by your generosity and your willingness to aid those in need. And I'm happy to still you are around. I know a lot of people need help in this world and it's people like you that help us all =).

    I know our encounters have been brief, but you have been valuable none the less. And for the sake of your time I'll try to be brief.

    I am on the verge of change. I know this, I also know that deep inside me lies powerful psychic ability naturally do you agree on this? I have always had the ability to 'know' what to say to help people with their problems.

    But I really wish to evolve to the next level. I would like to pick up impressions on people, see auras, know what to say with little details being told to me. I want to be able to pluck information from the universe. I feel deep in my heart that I know I could do these, easily in fact. Not in an arrogant way, but to me the idea feels so...natural.

    Something is blocking me, I have felt blocked for a long long time. Just like a small wall stops me.

    Do you see this potential? What blocks me? And how do I remove it?

    Thank you Thecaptian.

    May you always be at peace

  • Perhaps you are expecting to manifest your psychic ability in the wrong way. If you expect to be able to see auras, read vibes, and do the lot, you may not be taking into account that everyone exhibits their abilities in different ways.

    Some people - like me - mainly sense things, some people see images, and some others hear sounds or can smell various odours associated with people who have passed over. It's rare for someone to be able to do it all. You must put all preconceptions of how you should be doing stuff out of your head and just deal with what you can pick up and keep practising it (and asking people for their feedback to let you know when you hit the mark) until you get stronger. .

  • You know I was thinking about that!

    I'm glad I'm not crazy. Thank you so much TheCaptian 😃

    Thank you for being a shining example of kindness and an insparation for me.

    Love always ❤

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