Reading Please.. Would very appreciate!

  • I just closed the book on 9 month relationship. Looks like we let each other free for good this time.

    How do I cope now? How do I get my piece of mind? I am really worn out and any direction / vision would light my eyes with hope again. My bday Apr 1st, 1982. Initials VL.

  • I found the best way to cope is too meet new people, be up front don't give too many details but try to just find a friend and if they happen to turn into more just take care not too clouded your loneliness for love. If you are shy or not a bar person try some online sites its a bit odd at time but if anything you will have a good laugh!

    Best of luck been there myself too many times to think of!

  • Hi CancerWomen, thanks for your input. I have no problem meeting new ppl on daily basis due my work. I do not think that any "new" man will be healthy pill as an antibiotic from previous. I do not want to practice this pattern again. Have done it several times true my life.

    I want ME be in peace with MYSELF. I am kindly asking someone to do a reading and what do I have in a near future and how should I respond to the world the way to help myself to heal.

    If anybody is out there to do a reading would be wonderful. THANKS!

  • Aw sad to hear tht vic, how's everything else? your step daughter, daughter.


  • Hello hun (forevervirgo), You should not be sad for me, but celebrate it with me. You have to let something go for something else (better) to come. I needed to create this space for someone more suitable for me. 😉

    My daughter is my biggest smile 🙂 Her father took an initiative to take her to his country (Portugal) for 5 weeks. They are leaving in mid of Aug. I am supper excited for her. She will spend more time with her other grandma who is amazing woman. Plus she will catch up with her Portuguese; she was fluent when we were living together and now she is slowly loosing it. I want her to keep all 3 languages at the same level.

    My step daughter will be moving in for all 5 weeks while my daughter is away. I do not want to mix them right away. We will see how it goes. My step daughter is 18 you know; might be a bit challenging, but I am sure we will figure it out 🙂

    I am glad you are taking an interest in my life. Hugs to you 🙂

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  • Hi Vic013,

    I did a reading for you and what came through is that you need to give yourself some time to heal before thinking ahead to the future and what or who is next. You need a rest before your "renewal" can begin. Heed your feelings - experience the grief of what you lost and acknowledge feeling disheartened so that you can release this energy. Release all wants, cares and worries right now and just nurture something loving for yourself every day - whether it be a bubble bath, going to the movies, lighting a candle while you eat dinner or just giving yourself time to be alone. HEAL. And do not give up on yourself or your future. Just let go and let God right now. Reconnect with your Source. Have faith that this is happening for a reason - that there is a purpose with a good end in store for you even though you may not understand it right now. Align yourself with supportive friends and family and enjoy their company because it is also important for you to get to the place of experiencing joy again. Learn to embrace the newness of your life as well as the unknown. Get excited about the fact that you do not know what is next and BELIEVE that it will be wonderful.

    I am also getting a slight nagging about there a splitting up of assets that needs to be taken care of with this break-up? Do not allow yourself to get railroaded here. This may also just be about focusing on work for some reason. I think you might understand this part better than I...



  • Thank you watergirl 🙂

    Strange you mentioned finances now... No, it wasnt any finances involved, nor I have any difficulties in this matter. I actually was not working for a few weeks now due I just cant concentrate, and in my field is a crucial matter. Financially wise I do not need to get back to work, not now, not in the month, not in the year from now. I just feel resentful towards my occupation (that I previously loved) due I want to avoid any bumping into the person I was involved with. (We did not work together, but at the same field though). I honestly can say I do not have to work really ever again for money matter.(Considering I am pretty young.. 29) I enjoyed it. And I hope I can pull myself together to regain my interest in working, or occupy myself other ways some how.

    I do have amazing friends (A Friend). She keeps me company 7 evenings a week now. She cooks for me every night, we are going to pool, watching movies or just staying in and chat. I do exercise every day, taking care of my physical appearance and health wise. Its like a brushing the teeth in the morning, hasn`t changed. My family did not know about him to begin with, so no comments there.

    I just cant get rid off the numbness.. I do it all automatically, because I used to. With him or without him, I know I have better in store. Its just the place where the heart is empty. Not sad, but empty. No self pity here, believe me. Just everything that I do on the daily basis feels like "what for?"

    Can you pls see if its really over? (I know silly of me, but the mind cant ever stop wondering about this topic) His b-day Sep2, 1972. Initials NC.

  • .. And my bday is Apr 1st, 1982. Initials VL. If you have a time watergirl, thank you 🙂

  • The relationship is coming through as something that has fallen below expectations and no longer what is best for you. The message for you is not to settle for less than you deserve and do not try to paint a picture of it being better than it actually is - like putting a dress on a pig. They are showing you struggling with this in the near future - not sure if it's just that you will continue to resist it for a while or if you will be tested by the possibility of him wanting to come back. Either way, the best course of action for you is to move on. The numbness is because you have shut yourself off emotionally and spiritually. Reconnect with Spirit and restore your faith. And I am STILL getting messages about work....I think you may have an opportunity coming up to start something of your own - possibly working out of the house or commissioning your work somehow. It will help you to get your mind of the guy...



  • Thank you watergirl!!! I understand it better now 🙂 Thank you so much.

    He wanted it me to start a commission project for him which would last for 8-10 month. It would benefit us both financially, but I refused it for not being stuck with him financially. yes, he is an emotional harm.

    My best friend (a girl), she is getting her license finalized in the same industry that I am. Which will happen mid of Aug. She asked me to guide her, work with her, share my experience. I said YES!!! Of Course!! It will let me to spend whole days with her, not just evenings and it will benefit both of us financially.

    Thank you watergirl, I am looking forward to it. And for the guy... oh well, maybe in another life..

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