Can someone help me?

  • I am feeling very confused and my heart feels very heavily sad. Can someone please help to this , what do I do?

  • I'm sorry that you feel this way.

    What happened?

  • Things happen , found out i am not the one he love. he's here but very distant. he said he is trying very hard to be with us and is getting better. I just feels very sad. Thank you for asking

  • Hi Fallenangel61,

    So you say hes still there but very distant ,, he is tryinging hard to be with you and the kids ????( Im assuming kids are involved )

    How do you feel other than hurt and sad do you want this relationship to continue like this ?

  • yes kids are involved....he loved the kids. When we first got together, I thought god gave him a second chance to take care of his children after what happen to his first marriage. i love him very much and wanted to be with him, yes it hurts but i have faith in him.

  • My heart goes out to you , can you talk to him or does is it make him even more distant ?

  • We talk about us, yes...he feels guilty for hurting me and that he cares very deeply for me....this month he is so much better, I know he is trying his very best to be better. He is hurt from his previous experience and he keep this secret from me, trying to bury it. But the she came back and the memories all comes back and he is hurt. Initially he wanted to go to her, but he change his mind and now here we are. I am trying to gain his trust back, coz obviously I am hurt. He loves me too but he loves her more, enough if she she says yes, he will go running to her. I tried some tarot readings, not very good at interpreting it but I think they said to be patient and all will be okay. He is not as distant now, but enough to make feel sad.

  • Hi fallenangel ,

    This situation sounds very complicated , I really feel he needs to gain your trust back as he is the one that hurt you .Can you post your tarot readings and i will help you interpret them.?

  • I will try to get them....i only do samples reading and sometimes do a full reading. i will get them for you. thank you

  • ok No worriries do you have your own deck or is it readings off the net?

  • Fallenangel, as I see it, it's not you who has to gain his trust back, it's him who has to work bloody hard to gain your trust back. I've been in this exact situation and I know what is likely to happen next. My sincere advice to you - DON'T try to persuade him to be with you, it has to come from him, otherwise later he'll blame you for depriving him of the possibility of "happiness" with the other woman. He is attrected to her precisely because she has hurt him. It's more of an ego thing for him to win her back than the actual love, but he doesn't know it yet. As they say - pain is so close to pleasure. It highlights the good moments that he once had with this woman. The best thing you can do for yourself - get on with your own life and pay less attention to what he does. This way he'll feel that he has have to chase you, rather then the other way around. Stay cool and turn the tables on him. Provide him with a little bit of uncertainty, so that he could appreciate good moments that he had with you.

  • Thats great advice VS i totally agree .

    Fallen Angel ,

    What sign is he ?

  • Livingon=prayer

    I read the cards off the net, i don't have my own tarot card. he is a Scorpion and I'm a virgo.


    I agree with you completely, in fact I told him to go to her for I love him that much and willing to sacrifice my love for him so he can be happy with her. The problem is she doesn't want him back, she wants his money...he's been paying her money monthly to support her and her 2 children. Her husband refused to give her more than she deserve, so she's looking for support from my husband. He is so stupid and give her want she wants. Now she didn't even call him, and he is depressed and knows that she uses him. But afterall that he would still go to her if she wants to. He sees that now that's why he decided to stay with us. Probably will take awhile for him to come back fully to us, untul then I will do my best for my kids. Thanks guys.

  • Livingona prayer

    The cards read are

    Love situations - Knights of Wand

    Love and me - Nine of swords

    Chalenges - five of coins

    Hope that helps

  • Fallenangel, honestly, why do you need him at all if not only you can't have his love, but he also gives his /YOUR money to some other family ? Frankly, dump the fool. He'll never change. Idiots don't change.

  • Hi FA,

    Love situations - The Knight of Wands represents a man in your life whos energy is very scattered at the moment he is very indecisive and his descions can change in the blink of an eye , . Im sorry i feel this is your Husband this knight is not commited becareful im sorry but i feel he is in two minds as of what to do . The red flags are not down yet keep your wits about you .

    Love and Me - Nine of swords - This card represents your worries and fears about this relationship, they are getting to the point where you are so worried that it is taking over your life .

    Fear of heading into the unknown but mainly of being alone , Most of these worries are unfounded i feel that you will be ok and adapt easily enough and become a stronger person.

    Challenges - Yes there will be many of them especially with money , i strongly feel you need to reasses your situation as if you were on your own with the kids and see how you could manage financially .

    Im sorry i do hope it works out for you but these cards are not promising, do you have any family that can help you out if the worst was to happen ?

  • Sorry forgot to add the 5 of pentacles has a number of meaings but i strongly feel it represents challenges for you financially in the future .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • omg a scorpio im married to one of them come and join me on my thread about scorpio men and share your experiences

    Ok i dont take computer generated readings seriously ,the best reading actually comes from a deck of cards i will do you another reading as soon as i can .

    My scorpio was very disrtant for a while as well its just in their nature .

  • Well said VS

  • LivingonaPrayer

    I have no one here except for my three kids. Thank you so much

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