What do you think of this combo?

  • Women: Sun:Cancer Moon:Cancer

    Man: Sun:Libra Moon:Leo

    He's 33 i am 29 looking to see what you all think and also wondering what in the birth chat determines compatibility.? Sun,Moon,Venus?

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • Me the women July 18 1982

    Him oct 07 1977

  • This works best for friendship and is hardest for marriage. This relationship is a bond of the spirit - it can be quite close and understanding, loyal and true. Religion or spirituality are often prominent here, and although the two of you may have quite different orientations, each recognizes a kindred spirit in the other. Yet your intensity CancerWomen may prove too demanding for your friend, who needs to be free to fly, but who is also capable of being quite content in the relationship as long as he doesn't feel restricted or that it is getting too serious. The ties between you will be hard to break - you will share a lot and, having made this kind of investment in each other, you will both be loath to let go. Thus, the beginning of the relationship can be fascinating, the middle productive and trusting, and the breakup extremely painful, if indeed such a relationship can ever really end.

    A love affair and a friendship are often related here. You two are so natural with each other that you might be mistaken for siblings. Although physical, such a relationship is more secure in the spiritual or intellectual realm, as meetings of minds and hearts. This combination has a quality of idealism - the type not read about or dreamt of but lived every day. However, a little more realism and practicality is necessary to keep the relationship grounded and workable. The two of you may see no need to get married, as in the most important way you are often already 'spouses', making the ceremony an empty formality. In fact, your partner may even prefer the lack of heavy commitment as he can feel quite trapped in a formal arrangement. Any sign of possessiveness or heavy emotionalism on your part will be hard for him to bear as he is not terribly great at dealing with difficulties or problems, especially emotional ones. Any undue attachment, insecurity or overseriousness from you can take its toll on him and the relationship.

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