Isn't Something Missing?

  • Idk. I feel as if there is something missing. Everything in my life isn't perdect but that's life. But I have been happy for 3 months it seems. I haven't been horribly depressed or had horrid thoughts. I realized that nothing around me changed. I was the one who changed and that was/is fine with me. I still have panic attacks but that's going to go away soon...I hope. They have actually gotten worse. I not have like...twitches or violent jerks? I don't know how to describe it. But I don't get as scared as I used to. One step at a time. But other than that, I am doing well. I didn't believe that things get better but they actually do. One day out of the blue I told my mom "I'm happy." It was just like that.

    I still haven't had a relationship. Kids around my age (2/23/1997) are in relationships but I'm not. It's not a big issue to me though. I used to stress over it but now I'm just going with the flow. But I do want some romance in my life though. It seems as though it'll be fun. 🙂

    But I do feel as though something is missing from my life. Idk what it is but I need it. 😞

    Any advice or reading someone could give me? It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hey there, feel free to join in my post about anxiety anytime, as we have been supporting each other through that, I know what you mean about it going away, is it something in the stars? God helping us? its nothing short of a miracle when it leaves and we find ourselves happy about it! I can understand the next feelings as well, you feel like you are ready for something positive after not feeling like yourself for awhile. You don't know what your missing , just feel a void? What interests you? From your bday there, I can see your young, and I'm sure everyones told you already you have a lot of time:), so I won't. I have friends in their 20's, 30's, and up that have yet to find a relationship, I know boys can be fun, but I wouldn't take them that seriously yet they usually don't take anything seriously, I know I have a couple lol, don't worry, when the time is right you will find someone to date, then you might be here posting about a whole other set of issues:)

  • Thanks, Blue Cat. Can you give me a link?

    I guess I just feel a void. Like, I'm not doing something that I should.I'm not putting off anything though. I have many interests. Right now, I'm working on a story or novel, whatever you want to call it. It's the best I've had so far. I have many uncompleted stories.

    Lol. Ik guys can be complicated but isn't that the fun part? Haha.

    I'm a romance buff so I like anything that has to do with romance. All the books I read have to have some type of romance in it.

    Wow, I dont want to wait til' I'm 30 to have my first boyfriend but I dont think I have to/will. But I am a dreamer so yeah.

    Once you get the solution to one problem, 5 more problems appear. haha! Well, thanks!

  • Your a smart girl, and you should continue with your writing. I don't think you will have to wait that long either. Real life romances do get complicated, yes, but if you take things slow with the boys then dating can be fun, thats whether your 15 or 50:) I don't have a link but its under Need advice on this ooverwhelming anxiety, I think under the pyschic forum

  • Your a pisces girl? water sign, would explain being in love with love:) not a bad thing, just have to channel it in the right direction, and learn as you go

  • Lol. Thanks. I am a Pisces so, ya know how it is. Haha! Okay, I saw it. I'll post something in it...maybe. Lol. I'll get around to it. But yeah, Romance is so...romantic.

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