To all Geminis!

  • Hey there Geminis. I have a question. We all know how moody we can be, and Im trying to fight it. Im wondering if you also get periods of depression like me, I dont want to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes Im so creative and happy, but when my life is stable and im in a routine, Im absolutely destroyed. Now Im working as an accountant, and all I do is work, go home, meet some friends, but Im absolutely unhappy. My boyfried who is an Aries, strats to be fed up of my depressions. How can I fight it?


  • Well, I'm a Gemini thru' and thru' and I can honestly say that in all my 44 years on this earth I've only been depressed once - when I was 17, ill with chicken pox and was probably more frustrated than depressed because I couldn't go out and party and I had huge spots around my eyes and I tried to get eye liner to go smoothly over the bumps!!!! I have had sad points in my life.....death of a close friend at 19, failed marriage after 15 years, 2 miscarriages, loneliness being a single mum......but I'm annonyingly optimistic and I try to smile through tears and I have experienced so many brilliant things that my "down" moments rarely flicker on my radar or maybe I don't allow depression to rear its ugly head. Depression is not something I would associate with a Gemini....but I do know an awful lot of Cancer women who have bouts of depression so are you a Gem born near the cusp of Cancer? I must admit I'm on the cusp with Taurus...perhaps its my stubbornness that is keeping depression at bay as I solidly refuse to get be pessimistic about anything! How do you fight it...? I don't know...but maybe you can try to find a hobby or pasttime to allow you to be consumed by its passion and perhaps develop that passion into more of a career choice. You sound bored by routine something spontaneous or off the wall to revitalise need to initiate it because only you can battle your way out of depression.

  • I too am a Gemini and I can honestly say that I have the same problem you do lanaav. I have awful mood swings and depression. I am 49 yrs old and have dealt with these issues most of my adult life. I recently reached out to my doctor, out of desperation and he put me on some prozac, and let me tell you, I am a differect person. The cloudiness is gone and clarity has settled in.

  • Thanks a lot for your answers. No Im on 24 May so I guess Im near Taurus as well. Thats what Im saying I know Im not like that. Its not my normal way of living. But as for hobbys, Ive been changing them so often, I never finish what I start, get bored really quiqly of everything, even people, boyfriends. I guess its the bad side of mine. Maybe its not really connected to astrology.

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