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  • if a man and women had lived with each other but no longer live with each other and the women left can they then be friends just friends now with no sex going on now. ?The man helped her out by letting her stay at his home.She was in his home a year.They are freinds for many years and the guy helps her out with things.

  • Hi Wildflowers. I am sure that for his many gifts a simple thank you is enough. Yes, male female friendships do happen, however, they do tend to drift when one of you starts seeing someone. If letting him go later is okay with you, by all means be friends. Just remember these situations can sometimes get sticky.



  • He can be a friend. The woman chose to leave because she was only there temporary. I think it's important for you to define your feelings very plainly, even though he may not come across with his. He will respect that in the long run. If he is a true friend, he'll respect that.

  • if your in colledge right, and let's say there's a guy who likes this girl a lot but they've never spoken a word to each other except for excuse me and not looking at each other while saying it.But he'll always smile at her regardless of what his friends think about her, stares deeply into her eyes for 5 thru 10 minutes.(and i'm thinking it's love at first sight but that's just me of course.)but the question is, when he's sitting with a bunch of friends at a different table and is in the same class as her, and is talking with his friends about babies and then looks directly at her with a meaningful deep stare that's kind of a soft looking stare then smiles at her ; is this a love or a crush?

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