Shuabby.. you said I was going to meet this guy?

  • on the 16th os september 2010 you said

    I hear music around you and this tells me a young man that plays an instructment is the one in which will win your heart . He feels like he has light hair and a bit of a mustach along with conventional beliefs, he has been raised in a family that has instilled values in him and he will know how to respect and treat you with the love and assurance you need. He is not to far away from you so look to meet him in 3 weeks to 3 months.

    now I am with a guy and we're getting engaged soon, he doesn't play an instrument though Im not sure if it's him

  • cupcake princess,

    He may be around someone that does play an instructment as sometimes a reader can pick-up what goes on around a person, the important factor here is that you love him, and he you and that he suits your intimate needs and compatable desires.

    Congrads and thanks for the feedback,


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